Ten Annoying Things I Don’t Like to Hear

As a mother, there are many things that I hear from my children on a daily basis. There are some things I like hearing and some that I don’t like hearing.

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I have compiled a list of my top ten most annoying things that I have heard (this week).

1. “I have to go potty.” –  I don’t have a problem with my kids needing to use the potty, what I have a problem with is that this statement is usually said five minutes after we left the place with the bathrooms and there is not another one around for 80 miles.

2. “I peed.” – When I hear this statement that usually means, I’m gonna be doing more laundry and I’m gonna have to unmake and remake a bed which is more difficult than wrestling a wet alligator.

3. “Can I have tape, glue and string and bring them into my room?”  – This usually means I am going to find one of the kids taped up to the wall with string glued to them and tape  ruins the paint on the walls.

4. “My eyes just don’t like staying closed in the middle of the night?”  – This is almost as bad as “Can I get up now?” and both mean that my sleeping is interrupted by a some  little person at an ungodly hour.

5. “Do I have a sexy booty?” –  Nothing will strike fear in the heart of a mother or cause her brain to work faster than hearing a five year old child say the word ‘sexy’. And like a good mother, I avoided the question by offering candy as a distraction.

6. “I was trying to be careful.” – Something important just broke, something nice is ruined and I remember that when you have children, you can’t have nice things.

7. “Why do you have bunch of rocket toys in that drawer?” – Because, I want to and I’m the mom. That is all I say about that.

8. “There is cat puke downstairs, on the carpet, on the wall, on the couch.” – Cat puke is gross. We live with bulimic cats. I make Jeff clean it up.

9. “Can I use your phone?” – Recent events with my daughter trying to post naked pictures of me to Instagram have made me very skiddish on this request. It’s my phone and I don’t want to share it. Also I don’t need 50 new game apps downloaded because a kid gets click happy.

10. “Can we have candy?” – Well, you see… I hate this because then I have to admit that I ate all the candy.

Now you add something. What annoying things do you  not enjoy hearing from your children?

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  1. “Can I have more cereal?” or “Can I have some more?” – Because I’ve already given them each their ration for the morning and I don’t want to get up from the computer where I’m now reading blogs and drinking coffee to give them more. ha

  2. Ha! I have too many to post here, but #10 is my favorite. Happens to me all the time:)

  3. “I’m hungry.” – fifteen minutes after I just cleaned up the last meal!

  4. Love this. Especially #10, which is why I lock my phone but they somehow still find ways to almost post inappropriate stuff online without my knowledge. Lucky thing I catch it before it happens.

    Mine is “where are we going? are we there yet?” for the entire time from telling them we are going somewhere till we get there. The it’s “we’re here? what are we doing?” UGH!! :)

  5. “I peed” makes me want to punch things.

  6. Oh I don’t know how many times I have asked my kids if they have gone to the bathroom only for them to say they have to go 5 minutes after we leave somewhere as it turns out they did not actually go!
    So you aren’t going to be getting Claire that new Victoria secret underwear geared towards kids soon that says “call me” and things like that? Good to know 😉

  7. “Can you help me with my math homework?” Noooooooo!! I suddenly become hearing impaired and run and hide in the basement.

  8. Cassandra says:

    “Don’t be mad”.. usually happens when he’s been a little too quiet and I walk in the room to check on him. Then I get to figure out what he broke, what he did to the cat, or if his pants need changed!

  9. “Oops!” Is always bad. And a long draw out “muuuuuummmmy!” From the toilet always involves a mop and bucket. We also get “me can’t sleep” and often get “actually, how about…..” Suggestions when he doesn’t want to do what he’s asked. Lol!

  10. “I’m bored” The most annoying things my 11yr old daughter can say. Most of time it’s when im tired and she wants me to take her somewhere or wants every kid in the neighborhood to come in our house to play dolls. NO! Read a book, play outside, Google something or watch youtube! I don’t care just get out of my face kid. Lol

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