I Made a Kid Cry: The Conclusion

And the story continues… I looked down at the women chatting, expecting them both to be running towards me, ready to fight me because that is what I would have done if some adult had made one of my kids cry. But they didn’t move. They were engrossed in whatever they were talking about. Double […]

I Made a Kid Cry

So, I made a kid cry. Whatever, right? You probably just rolled your eyes at me because as a parent, making a kid cry can sometimes be a daily occurrence. My kids cry at me because I wouldn’t let them have 20 pieces of candy or because I stopped them from climbing an unstable book shelf or […]

One afternoon…

The sun peaked out from behind the clouds warmed the weather and allowed the children to play outside. Reminding us that soon the dull  grey world would soon be gone and once again, spring would bring new life and good times. And if you are a Picnik lover for photo editing and so sad it’s going […]

Put it on Your Website

I heard the laughter downstairs followed quickly by, “Mommy! Mommy! Come look at this.” I set the dish in the dishwasher and started the walk downstairs but stopped. “The camera,” I said to no one, “I should grab the camera.” I just had this feeling that whatever waited for me downstairs would be cute and […]

Sledding with No Snow

I walked in to the kitchen and what I saw out the window made me stop in my tracts. “What in the world is she doing?!” I said aloud even though I was alone in the house. I walked closer to the window and looked out at my daughter. “Oh baby girl, what are you […]

One Thing Children are Good at… Entertainment

My children never fail to entertain me. Why just one afternoon when they went out to play in the snow and I was totally entertained by their antics. Yeah, sledding on a snow board. This is a great idea… not! Aw, they are going to work together. That is so nice. Oh, Jake. That boy… […]

Playing Nap

The house was finally quiet. It was nap time. Hayden was at school all day and Jake, Quinn and Claire were up in their beds. Their chatter had calmed down and I crossed my fingers that maybe they would actually fall asleep increasing my break time. I felt it was safe for me to move […]

My Brother’s won’t Play with Me

“Mommy!” Claire said at me from across the room, “my brothers won’t play with me.” “Boys,” I said not even looking up from what I was doing, “Play with your sister.” I continued working in the silence that followed thankful that this was an easy fix. “Mommy!” Claire said at me again, “my brothers are […]

Ain’t Child’s Play Grand?

“Jake, you can’t hold my baby like that you have to hold her like a good mommy,” Claire said scolding Jake. “But Claire, I don’t have to hold a baby like a mommy. I am a daddy and daddy’s hold the baby like this,” Jake said as he swung the baby around by its foot. […]

This Dandelion is for You, Mommy

“Mommy, mommy! Look what we got ford dew!” Jake screams as he busts through the door. He is followed by the rest, Quinn, Claire and Hayden. They are all grinning from ear to ear as each one of them presents me with a hand full of dandelions. “Mommy, aren’t these sun flowers beautiful?” Quinn asks. I […]