I’ve got a friend (he prefers name-related anagrams in his aliases, so I’ll call him CAT) who blogs occasionally and when he started, it seemed every other post was about a synchronicity of some sort. He hasn’t posted a synchronicity in a while and I had one just yesterday that I thought the world should know about.

I’m driving home from work yesterday, listening to Metallica’s “Whiplash” (Kill ‘Em All, 1984) and I really have to hit the brakes to avoid rear-ending the guy in front of me, who has stopped. I’m looking at about 3 or 4 cars stopped behind a guy turning left into a driveway and I have just enough time to wonder if the guy behind me was able stop in time before it became obvious that he wasn’t.

The guy in question was sincerely apologetic and we had a little time to talk before the police arrived to write their report. I mentioned that it was odd that “Whiplash” was playing at the time, and we had a good little laugh.

No, I don’t actually have any whiplash. I do have a sore throat which in my medical opinion is wholly unrelated to the collision. Additionally, my car sustained only cosmetic damage — his car was leaking radiator fluid. Jeff’s Elantra: 1, other dude’s Cobalt: 0

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  1. dougandloretta says:

    Glad you weren’t injured, and that your car did not end up in the shop. Traffic sucks!!! We don’t get much in Gowen. Mom

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