Preschool Observations

I consider myself a little bit of an expert on preschool.

Probably not as much as an actual preschool teacher but since it is a requirement of the preschool that Jake, Quinn and Claire attend that a parent volunteer so many times during the year, I am in their class a lot.

Hence, I am kind of an expert on preschool.

The last time I volunteered in their class, I made some observations…. about myself and the children. And yes, I included my own children in these obersavations because they are after all preschool. 

I am pretty sure that these observations hold true about any preschool class.

*Preschool Observations*

There is one kid who is the know it all.

There is one kid who cries when they don’t get to stand next to their best friend.

After being there 30 minutes, I wish for a nap.

There is one kid who is the teacher’s pet.

There is one kid who is the ‘creepy toucher’.

After being there for an hour, I want to poke my eyes out.

There is one kid who is a super, super soft talker like I am not even sure he can talk.

There is one kid who is a super, super loud talker like wow, my ear drums hurt and pass the asprin.

After being there for 1 and half hours, I wish there was something stronger in my cup than coffee and I am not talking about apple juice.

There is one kids who loves glue way to much.

There is one kid who shoves toys in your face, it must touch your nose, so that you can see it.

After being there for 2 hours, I am begging the teacher to put nap time into the lesson plan.

There is one kid who knocks over every tower of blocks built because they like to see other kids upset.

There is one kid who eats the glitter.

After being there for 2 and a half hours, I am pretty sure the clock is going backwards or worse yet, the clock has stopped and this will never end.

There is one kid who has to share his/her boogers with all their friends.

There is one kids who has some ridiculously long story about every little thing.

After being there for 3 hours, I dream about joining a childless convent that believes in taking naps all day.

Then just when I am ready to start joining the kids in their eating of glitter and love of glue, something  happens. The other moms come back, gather their children and I am once again released from being the preschool volunteer.

Preschool teachers (actually all teachers) are saints.

Saints, I say.

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  1. Ugh I could never be a teacher. I like MY kiddo but not really other people’s kids… You’re a saint for volunteering so much.

  2. I volunteer at Bea’s school once in a while. I don’t know how those teachers do it. I assume they go home and drink. And smoke crack. And shoot heroin.

  3. hahahaha. Well, doesn’t it depend on what grade/type of class the teacher is teaching?? I still think teachers complain too much when they work the least out of anyone in corporate america…

  4. Agreed! All teachers are saints!

    Also, out of that list, which ones are your kids?? 😉

  5. I think that there is a test for teachers to make sure that they deal with kids. It’s the teacher sainthood test.

    Here’s the sad thing… that list is the same as the kids get older and move into higher grades.

  6. Lol All these are so true! My child is the one who tells ridiculously long stories.

  7. Mine is the loud talker/story teller/know it all. Such a fun combo.

  8. I still can’t believe you have to volunteer there…and way more just because you have triplets….
    I don’t think that’s fair

    • Being a parent volunteer is part of the preschool contract… it keeps tuition prices low, I like that. But I do think it’s unfair that I have to do it so much more than the other parents.

  9. This is why I don’t volunteer. Used to be a teacher. #BeenThereDoneThat

  10. You said it, sister. Those are all reasons why I refused to volunteer this year in Garrett and Landon’s preschool class. I was naive enough to do it last year but smartened up this year.

    Oh and Garrett was the “creepy toucher” kid last year. The teacher actually had to talk to me one day about the fact that he kissed his best friend (a boy) on the lips. Talk about a “I want to die right now” moment.

  11. Fun fact: I barely step foot inside that classroom long enough to get Jamey signed in. I get my hug outside the room, next to his coat hook. I scribble on the sign-in sheet, and I’m out. It’s a terrifying place, full of children! Also, I don’t really like kids. Except my own, because he’s awesome and kind of a jerk and funny and suspiciously just like me.

  12. I fully agree! And there is alway one kid who has pants that keep falling off

  13. My mom is a preschool teacher, and she always has a story to tell. She asked me once, if I would follow her in her footsteps and become a preschool teacher. I think it’s one of the few times I laughed so hard I pissed my pants. My hats are off to them, but I can barely survive with three of my own offspring, let alone a bunch of kids that aren’t my own!

  14. Wow, you HAVE to volunteer? What if you work full time? I have volunteered when Maggie was in daycare, but that was more like, here are some treats. I did go on a few field trips when she was first in preschool.

    Of course, I also have volunteers to help with Girl Scouts, so that probably certifies me as crazy …

  15. Too funny! Now I know what I am in for this fall!

  16. I have to help with one party a year and I always pick Easter so that it can be toward the end of the year. But then WHAM!! Easter is all the of the sudden here and I’m smack dab in the middle of what you just described… Aw pre-schoolers, they are just too fun! 😉

  17. Hey Jen,
    I was recently awarded the Liebster Blog award and I’m passing it on to you for your kick ass blog! Thanks for the laughter =)

  18. –>That is exactly why my son’s Pre-K teacher received the BIG bottle of wine from Costco for Christmas.

  19. Yes, I like my kids- other kids- not always so much.

  20. Boy, isn’t this all too true. I can definitely agree with a lot of these, my only correction would be that there are usually 2 or 3 kids who know everything. Oh, and that I wish for a nap after about 10 minutes, not 30.

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