Out Smarted by the Early Riser

I thought I had him beat.

I thought I out smarted him.

I even thought I totally had a parenting win here.

See, my children are early risers. It is in their DNA.

All summer, they were up before dawn.

Fine, I lived with that. I set the TV to the Disney channel, laid out the video games, put cups of orange juice in the fridge.  The early rising children would wake, grab their entertainment and drinks and not bother me until at least 7am.

It worked.

Then school hit.

And they had to get up early.

I totally thought that now they would sleep late. I mean that is now it works, right?

When you want them to sleep they don’t and when you need them to wake up, they sleep.

But nope, not my children.

They continued their early morning wake up calls but something strange was happening. The hour upon when they would wake was getting earlier and earlier.

It was even worse than the sometimes 5:53am wake up call of the summer.

This would not do.

With this wake up time and not a rest/nap time because of school, my children were getting less that 9 hours of sleep a night. Children who need to alert and focused in school need their rest. Especially my children because when my children get overly tired, they become like chipmunks strung out on crack look for their next hit.

They are in constant motion and can’t sit still to save their life.

The oldest, Hayden, was the worst offender.

So I came up with a plan.

He already had an alarm clock in his room.

He already knew that he could not get out of bed until the clock said 6am so I just extended the time.

“Hayden, you must stay in your bed until 6:15am,” I stated. “Then only then, may you get out.”

He of course did not like this plan but I am the mom, so he obeyed.

But I wanted him to actually stay in his room until 6:30am and not only stay in his room but maybe even sleep until that time.

So when he wasn’t looking, I changed his clock and made it 15 minutes slow. Now his wake up time of 6:15am and actually 6:30am and it was a win win for us all.

I patted myself on the back for this brilliant parenting idea.

I had out smarted the smart kid. I was the winner.

Yeah, Mom!!!

It was so nice being woken up when it was time as my alarm went off instead of before. I so enjoyed my newly claimed extra 30 minutes of sleep.

But after about a week, my early morning riser started appearing at my bed once again, waking me up to ask what time it was.

“Hayden,” I hissed, “What are you doing out of bed?”

I looked at my clock… 6:02am, this was not right.

“Mom, the clock in my room is different than all the other clocks in the house so I came up here to see the real time and since it is now after 6 o’clock, can I get up?” Hayden pleaded.

I sighed.

“Fine,” I said, knowing full well I had been beaten at my own game. “Fine. Get up but you better not wake up your little brothers and sister.”

He trotted out of the room with a smile of his face.

I guess the early morning rising DNA wins again but mark my words, if he becomes a late sleeper as a teenager, I am totally buying a blow horn.

You know, to blow loudly to keep the squirrels out of my garden which must be done very early in the morning.


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  1. bugger! don’t you hate that? Nothing worse than being outsmarted by a kid.

  2. My early morning riser is finally starting to make the transition to wanting to sleep in. Fantastic on the weekends, but sucks during the week.

  3. I feel your pain! My son gets up even earlier during school. He wants to have time to play. I’m hoping as it gets darker (which I hate) that he might sleep longer. But I’m sure not going to hold my breath!

  4. Lol! Get’s harder when they get older and more clever. I was an early morning girl too-but I always thought I would get in trouble for getting up so early (I would not have- I was just that worried about getting in trouble as a little kid)– so I would go and sit on the heating vent in the winter behind the couch. It really was a bit of heaven though, as I would bring my blanket and trap in all the heat- ah so toasty warm.

  5. Imperfect Jessica says:

    Oh Lord, that’s just too funny! Hahaha! As my mom would say, that’s what you get for having smart kids

  6. During the week, Cort gets Ed up at 6:30am. Eddie is cranky and annoyed and horrible during the week.

    On the weekends, Eddie gets up on his own at 6:45am. Rested, happy, ready to tackle his day.

    WTF is UP with kids and their wake ups?

  7. So sorry! It’s tough having cute AND smart kids! My kids are early risers as well and it SUUUUUUCKS and they are cranky and I am cranky and why? why? why? We have a nightlight that is a moon that turns to sun at a set time (which I an adjust and which he can’t see) and Joseph has to wait to get up until it turns to sun- regardless of the clock…

    Payback during teenage years will be SWEET! 😉

  8. oh man!!! Too smart for his own good!

    Amazingly, we’ve taught the twins they have to stay quiet and in their rooms till 8am on the weekends. Our youngest usually waits till he hears them before piping up. Even better…they’ll get up and go downstairs to play for a while and we can keep snoozing! The only problem is the NOISY boys playing. Half the time I don’t even realize my daughter is awake too…she’ll be at the table coloring quietly while the boys run around screaming!

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