No One Asked Me?!

There is an interesting phenomenon that happens to women with they get pregnant. Women, myself included, appear to lose brain cells as the baby growing inside them gets bigger.

I was reminded of this phenomenon recently at work when I watched a co-worker of mine try to stick a triangle shaped IV end into a circle shaped tubing. She just stood there with a puzzled look on her face wondering why it wouldn’t fit together.

I have the utmost respect for this woman and would allow her to care for me and any of my family. She is an excellent nurse so then what would cause this decline in her mental capabilities? Well, it is the fact that she is six months pregnant.

I remember being in her shoes. It seems that it was just yesterday that I was pregnant and I would leave the house without shoes, totally flake out on days that I was scheduled to work or worst of all when I was pregnant with the triplets, totally forgetting to put my young son in the car when I left the house.

Oh, pregnancy brain. It is a phenomenon that plagues women everywhere. Some cases are worse than others but in some form or another, I believe all women have it.

But just like pregnancy comes to an end, so does the pregnancy brain, right?


Pregnancy brain doesn’t go away. In fact, I think that is might actually get worse in the first few months ofter the birth of the baby. I know for myself it did. This is just totally unfair. Now, I did ask to be pregnant and have a baby but I did not ask for pregnancy brain and I certainly did not ask for it to stay around.

That’s right, almost three years after my last pregnancy, my brain has still not recovered. Oh, it has gotten a little better but not anywhere near where it was pre-pregnancy.

I mean, how else would you explain this little incident?

I had a rare afternoon alone but I did have to get Hayden off the bus at 3:50pm. Since I was alone, I took to opportunity to chill out and relax. I was watching some TV when I stumbled upon a Desperate Housewives marathon.  I had never seen the show and they were starting from the beginning so I decided to watch. I also grabbed my Rachael Ray magazine to page through during the commercials. To me it is not a good time unless, its a multitasking good time.

I was happily reading and watching away when something on TV reminded me of Hayden. Oh.My. Gawd. Hayden! I looked at the clock and it was 3:36pm. Whew. I still had about ten minutes before I had to jump in the car and drive down the road to meet the bus. Good thing too, since the climax of the episode was beginning.

I was totally immersed in the show when I just happen to glance up at that clock, 3:49pm.  Oh, cool ten more minutes of the show and then I should really do something productive like think about what to have for dinner. Jeff and the little  kids will be home soon. Mmm, I wonder when Hayden will come home?

Then it hit me like a lightening bolt,  Hayden.

The clock seemed to mock me as it flashed 3:51pm in my face.

Shit! What time does the bus come again? I tried to will myself to remember but I was too busy trying to find my keys, which I had left in the car to make it easier for myself but I had forgotten that I had left in the car.

When I got in the car, I slammed it into gear and raced down the road to the bus stop and of course, when I got there there was no bus. I looked for the phone in the seat beside me but obviously, it was not there because in my haste to get out of the house, I had forgotten it.

All I could do was sit there and think of my Hayden on the bus crying because when the bus driver stopped at his stop, there was no one there for him to get off too. He had been forgotten. I pictured him curled up in the fetal position on the seat sobbing. Oh, my aching heart. And it wasn’t like I had a good reason for forgetting about him. Its not like I was in the middle of a big project or trying to get all the little kids in the car. No, I was wasting time in front of the boob tube.

But as I was just about to start another mental tongue lashing about my awesome mothering skills, I looked up and saw the most joyous golden yellow bus that I had ever seen. I jumped out of the car and ran to meet Hayden. “Sorry we’re late, it was a bus fire drill day,” the bus driver explained to me.

As I drove Hayden home, I said a prayer of thanks. I totally thanked God for bus safety and practicing bus fire drills. You just gotta love them. I know I do, especially since I seem to still be suffering from pregnancy brain which no one asked me if I wanted.
And if that story wasn’t proof enough, I had a point to this post but I can’t seem to remember it. Damn you, pregnancy brain!

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  1. dysfunctional mom says:

    OK, don’t hate me but I am CRACKING UP because you used the word “inDECENT” instead of “incident” in a post about Mommy Brain! hahahaha

  2. I’m sorry but this post is just too funny. Of course, I’d be horrified too if this had happened to me (and it will now because I laughed at your situation…bad karma for laughing).

    Ah, the pregnancy/mommy brain…I totally know what you’re talking about because I still have mine and it drives me insane! I wonder if it ever goes away or if we’re permanently stuck with this for the rest of our lives. Oh, by the way, does it get worse when you have more kids or does it more or less stay about the same?
    .-= Jen C.´s last blog ..A slave for cake =-.

  3. I love it. I love a multitasking good time, too. I think I might suffer from pregnancy brain and I’ve never been pregnant. That’s bad, isn’t it?
    .-= Paige´s last blog ..more yummy candy =-.

  4. Hi Jen,

    Just popped in from Mama Kat’s.

    I too had a MASSIVE dose of pregnancy brain.

    I recall one afternoon, I left the house to do some shopping, no major hurry, I wasn’t rushing desperately to get anywhere. I grabbed my bag and phone, checked that I had my keys, and that I hadn’t left the stove on. I locked the door behind me and jumped in the car, keys in the ignition, grabbed the seatbelt and hmmm… Shouldn’t there be more material around my upper-torso area?

    YEP. I had forgotten to put a top on. Dressed to shop with baby bump and the girls on display through the sexiest of all lingerie, a MATERNITY bra.

    The unfortunate part is that 13, no hang on, she’s 13 so that makes it… 13 + 40 weeks = 11… yeah, 11 years later. I STILL have it!
    .-= Brea @ Brea’s Befuddled Brain´s last blog ..Writers Workshop – She is a TEENAGER, it is NORMAL. =-.

    • Seriously!?! No shirt?

      I loved this comment. Totally made me laugh. :)

      • Yup. Totally bare-boobs naked!

        Oh, and there was also the small Kleptomania problem…

        APPARENTLY I couldn’t stop stealing everyone’s cigarette lighters. I didn’t smoke during pregnancy myself mind you (and I gave up for good 5 years ago – YAY me!).

        However, at one stage I emptied out my garbage-bag sized handbag (y’know, for ALL the stuff we Preggies can’t live without, like heartburn liquid, tissues, the tiny battery powered pillow back massager, AND that extra vomit bag and change of clothes for the ‘morning’ sickness and bladder control issues), and I had 47 lighters. Count ’em. 47!

        I was SOO embarrassed, instead of trying to find the owners, I just threw them away. Stealth-like. Imagine this: 7.5 months pregnant woman on a mission to the garbage bin in the dead of night! NOT graceful at all!

        At least I marked ‘Flammable’ on the box!!!
        .-= Brea @ Brea’s Befuddled Brain´s last blog ..Dear G… =-.

  5. Hah! I am convinced it never goes away again. I went to the gynea for my 6 week check-up after the twins, beautifully dressed, but wearing slippers! I forgot to put shoes on.

  6. Lucky you! So glad I’m to the point where #1 can walk home alone if I’m busy napping, I mean WORKING!
    .-= parenting BY dummies´s last blog ..Wordful Wednesday: So NOT Dumb Edition =-.

  7. I actually was given a keychain after my daughter was born that said “I found my keys now where’s the damn car?”

    And thank goodness I happened to glance back at what I had written…which was key chair. Key Chair? WTH? Oh, did I mention my little bundle of brain cell sucking preciousness just turned 22? For some of us – it never stops. Damn.
    .-= Leiah´s last blog ..Good Things Do Come To Those Who Wait =-.

  8. Life with Kaishon says:

    Holy wow! That worked out perfectly! Phew! : ) I am pretty worried about getting pregnancy brain as I already do so many ridiculous things…
    .-= Life with Kaishon´s last blog ..Well, I guess I am b.o.r.i.n.g! =-.

  9. I always called it mother brain. I hope it doesnt come with adoption as half my kids are adopted and soon they will have the majority around here. but still I find a fog rolling around in my head. keys keys keys. where did I put those keys when I came home ten minuutes ago. I generally always put them in NEARLY the same place yet somehow I can never find them……and wake up on time? forget it. Used to wake right on time without a clock or alarm I just said I am going to get up at X and I did. now? if someone didnt wake me I wouldnt wake at all.

  10. I hate it when that happens!!

  11. Eight years since my last one and I still have the pregnancy brain. Oh, BTW, it is a scientifically proven fact that women do, indeed, lose brain cells why pregnant. In my case, my feet grew a 1/2 size for every child. So when I started my first pregnancy, my feet were a size 8. Three kids later and now I’m at a 9 1/2. Go figure.
    .-= michelle´s last blog .. =-.

  12. I am sorry to tell you, but it will only get worse. Hahaha.
    .-= Lourie´s last blog ..Dancing with the Stars =-.

  13. Connie Corey says:

    I am roflol at both your post and all the comments. I lost my brain, my shoe size increased, and most days I’m lucky to remember my own name.

    And my kids (13, 11 and 11) wonder why I am the Queen of Lists??

  14. I agree… pregnancy brain never goes away! My youngest is two and I still have it. And, to answer Jen, C’s question.. yes, it gets worse. I had half a brain with #1, I have no brain with #2. Just sayin’….

  15. Thank God the bus was delayed. That had to have been devastating to you, thinking you’d neglected your son. I am so relieved that things worked out. Pregnancy brain? It’s hard to tell where that ends and “mommy brain” begins. Is it possible to have both simultaneously?

  16. Perfect! i would’ve been doing the same thing- imagining my guy there crying his eyes out. In fact, it has {possibly, maybe} happened…
    .-= sara@domesticallychallenged´s last blog ..*Sigh*- with swearing, which I never do. =-.

  17. Oh MAN! I was panicked for you! Thank heaven for bus fire drill day! Hayden will never know… :)

    (I AM sad to hear that the pregnancy brain thing doesn’t go away…)

  18. DUDE, I FEEL YOU!!
    .-= Jen-blessedmomto8´s last blog ..My new BLING & other stuff… =-.

  19. Don’t feel bad. My “baby” is 18 and I STILL have pregnancy brain (and body, but whose keeping track?)

  20. You know how after you have kids you keep wondering when things are going to get back to normal. And then you realize you have a new normal. I think that is true with our brain. We wait for it to get back to normal, not realizing this is the new NORMAL brain. Thanks for the laugh.
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..So I married a deaf man: Episode 1: ROAD TRIP =-.

    • But I don’t want this new ‘normal’. I want my old brain back, that one that could actually remember things and multiply numbers.

  21. I totally empathize and relate!! I’m always charging out the door at the last minute to meet the bus because I get “caught up” in stuff.
    .-= Jenners´s last blog ..Reading My Childhood Diary: Part 1 =-.

  22. You’re not alone! 😉 My list is endless.
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..PSF and the Euro =-.

  23. What we really need is a cure!
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..PSF and the Euro =-.

  24. Thanks for that laugh! I remember being 5 mo preggo at the grocery store and noticing people behind me in line giving me dirty looks. I finally realized it was because I was in the 10 items or less line with a huge cart full of things! I mumbled ,”i’m sorry but I’m pregnant” the male checker had no idea what I was talking about which made me seem like even more of a freak!

  25. Everyday I have some some problem caused by my long lasting pregnancy brain. Some good ones include getting the kids in the car at 5:15 to go to #1’s weekly ballet class which is 30 minute drive and starts at 5:15. And my favorite, going through the carpool at preschool to get the 2 older kids, pulling over while they buckle and having to answer Where’s #3? because I forgot that I have to go inside to pick him up.
    .-= Cranky Sarah´s last blog ..Grasping at straws =-.

  26. I still have mommy brain, and my daughter is 17-months-old. I blame it on speaking with a toddler for 12 hours out of my day. I forget words ALL THE TIME! Not long complicated words, but everyday words. I really hope that it comes back!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Who…What…Where…Wednesdays =-.

  27. Oh, I have to admit my brain cells have diminished with each of my 5 kids. However, 4 are adopted…so it must be the process of becoming a parent that cases the loss…
    .-= Lindsey Petersen´s last blog ..Where in the World is Dinora Petersen? =-.

  28. Yeah thank goodness for fire drills! And I have heard that every kid takes away a little more brain.. so yeah, you have an excuse
    .-= Emmy´s last blog ..Dreams in Life =-.

  29. OMG…pregnancy brain…now I finally have an answer to all those unexplainable “moments”. What a relief to know there’s actually a reason for it and they weren’t just blond moments!
    .-= Tina@RideOnToys´s last blog ..Wow – The Rolling Coaster Ride On Car! =-.

  30. I’ve been having a bad day today emotionally…

    Just read this post, and it cheered me right up! Writing this with a large grin on my face, and after having LAUGHED today when I thought I wouldn’t do all day.

    The amount of times I called out “Yes…!!!” whilst reading this, and nodding my head…

    How true all of it is.

    My brain is addled now since I got pregnant 7 years ago… it’s showing no signs of recuperation. I’ve long accepted it’s a permanent change! LOL.

    Thanks for sharing… thanks for the smiles and the laughs.

    Just HAD to tweet a linky out on my twitter to get others to come read this post, it really did brighten me up!

    L x
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..My Breaking Dawn =-.

  31. I just got my Mum to read this… she wrote back to me

    “that link is sooo funny. I don’t remember getting like this when pregnant but sooo remember you getting like this!”

    Yes. I was (and still am) bad. I actually forgot I was meant to be turning left today on my driving lesson just seconds after I was told – and turned right coz the car in front did. Oops!
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..My Breaking Dawn =-.

  32. lol!! My teaching partner had 3 kids before I had any and she used to always blame her Mommy Brain on her lil goofs. I’ll defend myself that she still has more than me, but I’ve certainly had my share since becoming a mommy…including driving the wrong direction when taking my students on a field trip…but hey…we eventually got where we were going!

    My question is…does it ever go away or are we forever cursed?
    .-= Barbara Manatee´s last blog ..On the Run =-.

  33. 7 years ago I began pushed my brain straight out of my vagina …. and any shred of it that I got back completely left when I gave birth for the last time 10 months ago. I am amazed how little I remember and how much I screw up. But at least I have something I can blame it on, right?

  34. ahh, the pregnancy brain. funny how my hubby doesn’t seem to acknowldege it…

  35. OH! I totally suffer from pregnancy brain still and my twins are older than your triplets! ACK!
    I think it never goes away….

    I remember one time when i was pregnant that I couldn’t remember if I had eaten and even after my husband assured me that i had, i still couldn’t remember and didn’t believe him. LOL
    .-= debi9kids´s last blog ..Food, Friends & Fun…all made better by Steph :) =-.

  36. Texan Mama says:

    I can totally relate to the pregnancy brain. I used to think my mom was strange because she could never remember “important” details. Now, I’m the same way. I have no idea what homework papers are due, when the kids need their shots, etc. But I guess I memorized the important stuff, so it all evens out!
    .-= Texan Mama´s last blog ..Knowing What I Know =-.

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