Kitchen Mess and Success

I love to get in my kitchen and cook.

I know, I know, a bunch of you just shook your heads, some more of you rolled your eyes and others might have shouted out, “WHAT!”

But it’s true, I love to cook.

For me there is almost something therapeutic about being my kitchen chopping, stirring and sauteing away.

I makes me happy.

See, give me good ingredients, a recipe (as a guideline) and watch me cook.

Skinny Salisbury Stake with Mushroom Gravy by SkinnyTaste

Now that being said, I don’t always like to cook. Especially when the kids are crappy and whine about not liking dinner, the fridge and pantry are bare or I am just feeling lazy. Then I hate it with a passion and push ‘speed dial 1’ on my phone… the pizza delivery man.

But sometimes, I like to get crazy.

Sometimes I like to take to my kitchen and bake.

I know what you are thinking… I have totally gone off the deep end because baking is not to be taken lightly.

But I think, “Come on, how hard can it be? I know how to cook so baking should be a piece of cake.”

So I turn to the internet, scroll though some of my favorite baker’s blogs and pick a wonderfully scrumptious dessert.

Swiss White Chocolate Cake Roll with Rhubarb Whipped Cream by Mommie Cooks

I read the recipe, gather the ingredients and get to work.

I am in my element, mixing and shifting and stirring and folding. I am totally doing this.

Everything is tasting amazing.

I can’t wait to present this lovely dessert to my family, totally impressing them then I prepare to listen to their praises. They are happy so I am happy.

But as I am getting ready to put every thing together, I remember something….

I suck at backing.

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  1. Oh no!! What happened? So sorry it didn’t work out for you. On the up side, you’re welcome to stop by my house any time you need a baked good pick me up. There’s always extra lying around and we love to share. :)

    • First, I just need to say that I LOVE your site and recipes. :-)

      This one, while tasted awesome, didn’t turn out for me. When I look back, I think that pan I cooked the cake in was too small. The cake was too thick and didn’t roll well. Next time I am going to try this again with a bigger sheet pan.

  2. See, I LOVE to eat but I HATE cooking. Every night I dread having to make dinner. I wish I liked it :/ But alas..

  3. If everything tastes good, you don’t suck at baking you just suck at presentation. This is me. My baking usually tastes great, but I can’t fold worth a crap and nothing ever looks like it should.

  4. This is hilarious. First picture? Scrumptious. Last picture? Uhhhhh. But really, I would still eat it.

  5. Darcie (My Modern Country) says:

    Ha! That looks EXACTLY like something I baked recently-I think we should get an ‘E’ for effort…or something like that.
    Hi Jen- I’m new to your blog, but I follow you on twitter. So glad I popped over, I will definitely be back.

    • Well, thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. :-)

      Do I follow you on Twitter because I should but I am way behind of following people who follow me…. so @ me and will make sure we are twitter buddies. :-)

  6. Im not allowed to bake anymore. My baking guru friends made it clear it’s not ok for me to bake. For good reason 😉

    • My husband is the baker… he is awesome at it and I should just let him do it but I can’t… for some reason I feel like I should be a master in the kitchen.

  7. Doh! Baking and cooking are two totally different things. Tomorrow ironically I am talking about baking the perfect cake- from a box mix!

  8. LOL, I bake like that, too!

    The good thing about baking is that no matter what it looks like, it’s almost always yummy.

    Unless you put salt in instead of sugar. Or tripled the baking soda. Or left it in the top shelf of the oven and accidentally kept cooking it on and off with other things for about a month.

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