If I Blogged in my 20’s…

I wasn’t your typical twenty something girl that didn’t know what she wanted out of life. I had goals. I had a list. I had a plan. I was a go-getter. I kicked some ass and took names. I showed my twenties who was boss… perhaps a little too well.

I had no idea what blogging was back then. Heck, I barely new how to use my email and the only thing I new about the Internet was that if I wasn’t careful, I’d find myself in these chat rooms with people wanting to see my boobs.

But if I did blog back then, these might have been some of the post titles.

“I Really Wish My Boyfriend Liked My Music. What’s Wrong with Celine Dion?! It’s so Much Better Than Angry Music”

“Nursing School Nursing School Nursing School”

“I Need One PE Credit to Graduate… Camping/Outdoor Activities for the Win. Expect I just Remembered I Hate Camping”

“When is He Gonna Propose?! Come on Already, Two Girls in my Class have Diamond Rings. Two!”

“Gah! Just Propose!?!”

“I’m Getting Married!!!!!”

“Beauty School… My Back Up Plan If (and when) I Fail My State Boards.”

“College Graduation, Nursing State Boards and Marriage All in the Same Month… I’ll Take My Honeymoon Now!”

“When I’m Drunk on a Cruise Ship, I Can Feel the Boat Move.”

“Why Am I Not Pregnant?!”

“Yay!!! I Got My Nursing License. I Won’t Have to Go to Beauty School After All”

“I Want to Have a Baby!”

“Come on! Get Me Pregnant”

“Why We Don’t Have to Wait a Year After Marriage to Have a Baby”

“Big Surprise… I’m Pregnant!”

“Woman Gives Birth to 10lb 10oz Baby, All Girlfriends Cross their Legs in Sympathy.”

“I’m a New Mom… I Have No Idea What I’m Doing but I Love This Baby So Much I’ll Hold him till My Arms Ache.”

“I Hate This House! It’s Old, Has a Blair Witch Basement and Stinks. Let’s Build a New One.”

“What Do You Do When You House Sells 5 Days After Being on the Market, You have a 4 Month Old Baby and No Place to Live? Move in With Your Parents?!”

“I Wanna be a Nursing Supervisor… And Let’s Have Another Baby!”

“Infertility Treatments the Second Time Around Suck Big Hairy Balls and May Kill Me”

“Why Can’t I Just Be Happy with My One Baby?!”

“We’ve Hit the Jackpot…. Oh My God, TRIPLETS!!!!”

“How I Failed at Bed-Rest with a Two Year Old Running Around and Ended up in the Hospital.”

“The Hospital Doesn’t Stock Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and That Make Me a Sad Panda.”

“No I Am Not 9 Months Pregnant… I Just Had Triplets!”

Four Kids, Ages Two and Under… God Help Me!”

“Buried with Children: Life with Triplets and their Big Brother.”

Yup, in case you were keeping track that was college,  graduation, job as a nurse, marriage, one baby, new house, career advancement, three babies… All before I was 30.

A very productive ten years. No wonder I’m freaking exhausted.

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(Oh and technically I was blogging in my Twenties but that was late twenties so this post still counts.)

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  1. I understand! I had a similar string of events in a shorter time period. I wouldn’t change it for anything!

  2. Mamaintheburbs says:

    That was hysterical! I too did a lot of those things in my twenties, including IVF. It sucked bc many of my friends weren’t even married yet and didn’t understand why I wanted to have children so bad. We ended up adopting anyway. Great post!

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  3. The one about your house selling in 5 days could have been my blog title. My house sold in 3 days and we had a 1 year old and we moved in with my parents, good times.

  4. Good grief woman just reading that made me tired. Again I have to point out we didn’t even HAVE internet when I was in my 20’s. Yeah yeah count the grays..

  5. I LOVE this! :) … and all the other women cross their legs in sympathy. Hahahahaha! I’ve got 3 under 4 and I want to scratch my eyes out most days. I can’t imagine having 4 under 2.

  6. Those post titles made me tired. I’m going to have a nap now!

  7. I’m tired just reading about it!

  8. dude. your 20’s were SO much busier than mine. I mean, I did college ,graduation, and getting married…oh and getting a teaching job. But kids? they waited until my 30’s. And I started blogging at 29…my post titles would have been deathly boring in my 20’s.

  9. That was a lot! I started blogging at 26- but by then had already gotten married, graduated from college, worked and then “retired”, had two babies and lived in 3 different states.

    So yea– no wonder why it seems to go downhill after 30.

  10. I love this! The 20s were crazy eventful for me, too!

    You rocked your 20s!

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