Hide and Seek Fail

Jake, Quinn and Claire have discovered how to play Hide and Seek. It is their new favorite activity expect they are not really good at it. Their idea of a good hiding place is in plain sight.

But no matter the hiding spot, they have a really good time and are really fun to watch.

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  1. How cute. Claire is obviously the boss :)

  2. They are too cute! That is funny that they just hide in plain sight but they look like they are having fun. Hide and go seek was one of my favorite games as a kid. We would play inside with friends and outside with all the neighborhood kids.

  3. How adorable! My son does the same thing. He will hide under my belly and expect NOT to be found!

    I have an award for you!
    .-= Vivianne´s last blog ..It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas- Again =-.

    • They also like to hide inbetween my legs, it cracks me up how they really believe that if they can’t see me then I can’t see them.

  4. So it’s really Hide and Go Tag! Love it. My 3yo hides in plain sight, too. Or she will pick one hiding place and go there over and over while we pretend to look everywhere for her. At least that makes it easy on her mom & dad.

    .-= Trippin’ Mama´s last blog ..Catholic Much? =-.

    • LOVE it! Their enthusiasm is so priceless, even while their hiding lacks some finesse. :-)

      I once played hide and go seek with “my” [older] kids, and Clover hid in a big container of winter coats at the bottom of the closet. The house is not that big, she kept calling out to me to give me clues, and I could NOT find her for the life of me. I was so very impressed with her hiding! So just think… one day you’ll have 3 kids you will be unable to find ūüėČ
      .-= Blythe´s last blog ..Day 25 =-.

  5. How cute! And love their jammies….lol
    .-= Honey B.´s last blog ..Estate Sale Recap =-.

  6. Texan Mama says:

    They are too cute. Watch out… they’ll grow up all too soon and “Hide and Sneak” will involve a 1st-story window and some body-shaped pillows under the covers.

    btw your kitchen is gorgeous. I am so jealous. And it’s so clean… not that I expected you to be a slob but c’mon let’s face it: you have 3 toddlers.
    .-= Texan Mama´s last blog ..Don’t Leave Me Hangin’ =-.

  7. They are too cute!!

  8. How adorable! That makes me want to teach my two how to play! Sarah would totally be the boss, too!

  9. LOL! So cute. Your kids are the bestest. :)
    .-= CynthiaK´s last blog ..A reminder about hot peppers =-.

  10. Love your new digs! Finally got your feed updated and working. Sorry about that!

    I love little kids playing hide and seek. My son is finally hiding (and NOT in plain sight) but his giggling gives it away every time!
    .-= Jenners´s last blog ..My (Mercifully Brief) Stand-Up Comedy Career =-.

  11. How dang cute is that? Claire has a gift :) and I love the PJs.
    .-= Mrs Montoya´s last blog ..Ten Things =-.

  12. Farmers Wife says:

    Awwww, they are gorgeous! And look at you, you modern miss!! Your blog looks awesome, I was so surprised to see it!! It’s good to have a change now and then..
    .-= Farmers Wife´s last blog ..Just a few thoughts =-.

  13. LOL…watching kids play HS is my FAVORITE! They are so funny. My kids just take turns hiding under the dining room table over and over again! :)
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..PSF and Stages =-.

  14. It is so cute to watch them all play together! It is so different when you have just one…at a time that is!

  15. Hide & seek is one of my 2 yr old’s favorite games too! Half the time it’s “mama, help me open the closet door. Now mama count & NeeNee hide!”
    Thanks for stopping by my site today :)
    .-= Dionna @ Code Name: Mama´s last blog ..Get it Off Your Chest =-.

  16. Freaking adorable. Claire looks a little bossy like my little one. Her nickname given to her by her teachers at school? Bosslady.
    .-= Susan´s last blog .. =-.

  17. way cute! those kids sure do look happy.
    popping by from sits

  18. Sooo cute! I love when they cover their faces to “hide!”
    .-= Lourie´s last blog ..Random Friday =-.

  19. How precious. I miss that wonderful phase so much. Thanks for sharing with us!
    .-= Kim McLaughlin´s last blog ..Giveaway Winner and an Announcement!!! =-.

  20. That is so cute!! Love when they “learn” how to play games :)
    .-= Emmy´s last blog ..Suffer to Be Beautiful =-.

  21. What they lack in hide and seek skills they certainly make up for with cuteness. Great video.
    .-= Otter´s last blog ..Toddler Imitations =-.

  22. So much more fun when all 3 are at the same stage.
    .-= Cranky Sarah´s last blog ..OOTW =-.

  23. They are so stinkin’ adorable!
    .-= Mary Ellen´s last blog ..Sleeping in the Pack N Play =-.

  24. Francis says:

    Hahahahah! Super cute! super cute. Well, at least they have started the process of the game. Maybe a few more weeks and they will figure it out!
    .-= Francis´s last blog ..Chef Knife Sets =-.

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