If A Lot of People Make YouTube Video, I Will Too

First there was the ‘Call Me Maybe‘ parodies.

Then there was the ‘Gangnam Style’ parodies.

Now there is ‘The Harlem Shake‘.

If everyone on YouTube is doing it, do you do it too?

Yes, yes we do. Because I wanna be part of the cool kid’s club and if YouTube jumped off a bridge so would I… maybe, if it wasn’t to my death or in crocodile infested waters and there was a life raft near by.

Que, The Harlem Shake… Family Dinner Style.

This post is part of Mama Kat’s Oscar Worthy Vlogging Workshop

*To view the video on YouTube click here

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  1. This is seriously awesome and I can’t stop laughing. That is all. 😉

  2. Awesome! Love it!

  3. Omg! I live here… I better get my shit together!

  4. That is TOTALLY what dinner time looks like here EVERY night. I need to make a video!

    (seriously though, you are brilliant!!!) 😀

  5. Very fun! I’m amazed your kids were able to ignore you when you started dancing! That was awesome. :)

  6. I cant stop watching this!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    How on earth did you do it?? And how did your kids keep straight faces? OMG!!!!!!

  7. I watched this when you tweeted it last night and I just HAD to watch it again once I saw it on Mama Kat’s workshop linky! You all are too fun. I hope you can check out my video on the linky.

  8. Great way to make dinner more fun! LOL!

  9. Your family are all such good sports. My kids would be all up into doing this, but David? Never. I love that they all participate.

  10. LOVE IT!!!!


    I miss you.

  11. SHUT UP! This is hilariously awesome! HA HA HA!

  12. I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t literally LOL! Visiting from SITS!

  13. Shake that mojo girl! Best version I’ve seen yet.

  14. I love this so much!

  15. This is amazing! Your kids look like they were having a blast. Even more impressed that they could keep from cracking up at you dancing! Absolutely brilliant haha.

  16. That was seriously my favorite one of any I have seen!! Love it!

    Okay and I have seen a ton of the Harlem Shake videos but I have no idea- what started it all?? Was the original music video like that? I am so in the dark.

    • I don’t know what started it just that it’s the 30 sec song, one person dancing others being normal and then when the music drops every one goes crazy!

  17. That Was AWESOME! I want to do that now. My husband kept me awake for an hour the other night watching Harlem Shakes but this one was the best.

  18. Great video. We couldn’t stop laughing.

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