“Check Your Headlights”

“I am going to need to you feel my boobs… and often,” I said to Jeff as I walked out of the bathroom, topless.

There is not much that shocks this husband of mine but me granting him free range to touch my breasts made him speechless.

I pushed my shoulders back and suck my chest out, making the girls stand at attention. “Come on, touch them,” I said to Jeff as I walked towards him.

Jeff looked around the room like any minute some big shoe was going to be dropped on him or maybe a pig would fly through the room.

He, tentatively, reached his hands out and placed them on my boobs.

“There,” he said removing his hands like they were on fire.

“No, that is not right,” I said, taking my hands in his and pushing them back onto my chest, “I want you to really feel them. Take a whole handful, squeeze them.”

My husband smiled at me like any man with a handful of boob would.

After a few more squeezes, a tug and a threatened motor boating, I stopped him.

“Ok, that’s good. Everything feel alright to you?” I asked

“Um, yes” Jeff replied with the same look on his face that kids get when you take away their favorite toy.

“Good,” I said as I rummaged through the clothes on the floor for a shirt.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like feeling your boobs and stuff but I need to ask where this sudden permission came from,” he probed.

I just stopped and looked at him.

And in a mood swing that can only be completed by women, I was suddenly in tears.

My day at work, which I thought I had tucked tightly into the little box that says, ‘HIGHLY EMOTIONAL DO NOT OPEN… EVER!’ suddenly popped open and overtook me. I replayed the days events, knowing the details would be something I’d remember forever.

I hesitantly walked into the room, trying to be as respectful and quiet as possible. I was supposed to be there.  I was giving medication that offered comfort to her but I still felt like I was intruding.

From the pictures scattered around the room, posted on the bulletin boards and taped to the walls, I could tell she had been a vibrate woman, full of life.  You could feel the love she had from her children jump off the pictures and her marriage was one that people longed for.

I glanced around the room and saw her husband, in the same chair that he had been sitting in for the past couple of days. He barely left her side, her hand was always in his. The children were not there. They somewhere where someone was trying to distract them from their mother’s dying.

It wasn’t fair, 5 and 9  years old is far too young to be dealing with the death of your mother.

It had been a long road of treatments, procedures and every medication available to try and rid her body of the cancer but sadly, nothing worked. She was loosing, lost her battle, with breast cancer.

I assessed her and counted her breathes. I knew from experience, I wouldn’t be long now. I placed my hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. He knew too and  tears slid down his cheeks.

I pushed the medication in her IV. My one goal was making her as comfortable as possible. She would not suffer and her passing would be peaceful.

As I walked to the door, to leave the family together, I glanced around the room one more time. The pictures told stories of her life, she was a daughter, a mother, a sister and wife. There was nothing in those photos that gave a reason as to why she was now dying. She had no risk factors for this disease, she was healthy, fit and full of life.

It was not fair.

My eyes fell on the picture of her and her two daughters. I took it in as a tear slid down the side of my face.

In one year’s time, more that 39,000 women will die of breast cancer. This number has been decreasing since the 1990’s but it should be zero.

Although new research has significantly advanced the treatment of breast cancer, early detection through self-exams is still key.  Because self-exams are so important, you can sometimes see reminders in nontraditional places… bumper stickers, t-shirts, and Go Daddy’s current “Check Your Headlights” campaign.  Go Daddy designed this campaign as yet another reminder to do self breast exams and to help support strong women, Go Daddy is offering 20% off all orders placed by using the code STRENGTH.

Self breast exams are the first line of defense against breast cancer. Who else knows your breast better? It is important to be very familiar with your breast so that small changes can be detected and checked out.

“I don’t ever want to get breast cancer and if I do, I want to catch it early so I can beat it,” I said with a sniffle.

“I still don’t understand what this has to do with me feeling your boobs all the time,” Jeff asked, handing me a tissue to blow my nose.

“Well, I figure if I feel my breasts and check for lumps and you feel my breasts when I am not, between the two of us would be more likely to notice a change,” I said, “Four hands are better than two.”

Jeff smiled and reached over once again to put his hand on my breasts.

“Honk, honk!” he said while squeezing my breasts.

I rolled my eyes, “Um, no honking… there will be no honking!”

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