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I barely heard the small meek call from the back seat and I knew that Quinn was trying to get my attention.

“Ok, everyone hush,” I said to Jake and Claire who were loudly discussing why bear’s butts can’t fly in the sky, “It’s Quinn’s turn to talk.”

I turned the radio down and prepared to listen.

“Mommy, I need to go potty,” he said barely audible because that is how Quinn is.

“Seriously?!” I asked.

“Yes, mommy,” Quinn said while nodding his head.

“Quinn,” I began, “We just left the house and I asked you to pee before we left. Why didn’t you go when I asked you too?”

“Mommy.” Quinn said. “Because I didn’t have to go then.”

I wanted to bang my head on the steering wheel but thought being unconscious was probably not the best way to drive the van. This is always happening. It never fails, we leave the house and five minutes later someone has to go potty.

“Quinn. You are just going to have to hold it. We will be there in about 20 minutes,” I said.

I turned the radio back up which gave Jake and Claire the cue they needed to finish their very important discussion.

Soon a groovy song came on the radio and I was bouncing my head to the beat. Sure it was on the kid’s radio station but when there is a beat, I just gotta dance.


Again, a barely audible call came from the back of the van.

“What Quinn?” I asked.

“Mommy, I can’t hold it. I have to go… NOW!” Quinn said in a voice that was bigger than normal.

“Quinn there is nothing I can do. There are no bathrooms around here,” I said.

“But mommy…” Quinn said and through the rear view mirror I could see the panic in his eyes and knew this was a pee emergency.

Of course this would have to happen on the stretch of road where there was no where to stop. I peered into the trash can and wondered if maybe there was a cup or something that he could pee into.

Then I had a thought, “too bad he was potty trained. If he was still in diapers this wouldn’t be an issue. I wounder if I could get the kids to once again wear diapers in the car? Then they could just pee and not have to ride in the car with a full bladder feeling every painful bump in the road and I wouldn’t have to worry about any pee accidents in the back of the van.”

“MOMMY!” Quinn shouted.

“Fine,” I said putting my hazard lights on and pulling off on the side of the road.

I got out of the van and opened the door for Quinn, “Here jump out and go pee.” I said pointing to a spot in the ditch.

As Quinn pulled his pants all the way down because little boys are incapable of pulling their pants down just a little ways, I hoped all the on coming traffic wouldn’t mind the sight of the ‘full moon’ they were getting.

Most people didn’t pay any attention to us but a couple cars honked and gave me dirty looks. I smiled and waved them on saying under my breath, “Whatever. It’s just a little boy peeing here.”

Finally, after what seemed like forever because I swear Quinn has the bladder the size of his head, we were back in the car and on our way to the store.

The rest of the ride was uneventful as was the walk into the store.

I began my shopping, the kids following behind me when suddenly, “Mommy, I hafta go potty.”

I turned around to Claire dancing around in the aisle, holding herself.

“Oh fine,” I said, “Let’s go find the bathroom.”

Quinn walked side by side with me as Jake and Claire ran on ahead. Since we were at our local grocery store the way to the bathroom was well known.

I held the door as the kids spilled in, screaming to hear their echos through the room. I smiled at the people washing their hands and asked the kids to talk quietly.

Since Quinn didn’t have to go and wanted to stay out by the cart full of groceries, I danced back and forth between watching him outside of the bathroom and watching Jake and Claire inside.

“Come, guys hurry up.” I called.

“I’m done, mommy,” Jake yelled as he pushed open the door and began to wash his hands.

“Ok, mommy but I have to pooooop” Claire said with a big grunt and then followed with, “Come on poop! Get out of my butt!”

I smiled at the woman who had just entered the restroom, Claire’s grunts still ringing in the echo.

“Ok just hurry and come when you are done,” I said turning my attention back to the boys.

“I am done now mommy,” Claire said before I could leave, “The poop came out but got a little on the floor. I cleaned it up all by myself.”

As the woman washing her hands gave me a horrified look, I thought to myself… “Yup, we are totally going back to diapers.”

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  1. I completely understand. So completely. Things are so much harder once the diapers are gone. I’ve seen so many bathrooms I never wanted to see. I’ve spent more time in public bathrooms at most establishments than I spent in the establishments themselves. I stopped going out. It was pointless. I have one who has a medically established small bladder so she could never hold it and it’s hard for girls to go on the side of the road. Ugh. So there was the potty I kept in the back of the van — sometimes all five would use it, number one and two and I’d have to find a place to dump it and not get arrested. Ugh. I so feel your pain. Check out my potty training post, Bye Bye WeeWee My advice to parents of babies, keep them in diapers until they beg (in three different languages) to wear underwear.

    • Amen! I too am a big believe in waiting to potty train.

      My middle triplet Jake didn’t have to have anything to do with it when I worked with the other two and then one day about 6 months later, he came to me and told me he was now potty trained. Just like that.

      But, I still want diapers for car rides.

    • oh man, why couldnt you have been my mother???????

    • And to note the picture is photo shopped ,the kids are not wearing diapers.

  2. classic…it never fails does it?
    I swear I know where every bathroom in town is and my kids are also experts at cup peeing….
    and I too have cleaned up my share of poop off of public floors..

  3. That settles it! I’m not going to potty train the twins…until at least kindergarten.

  4. Oh no! I guess I had better enjoy this time before we fully engage in potty training. Maybe I just won’t even bother now- he seems fine with diapers, so he can wear them forever, yeah.

  5. OMG! Hahahahahahaha! Gosh, it seems like a million years since I had almost the eaxct same thing happen with my who gaggle of kiddos! Wow. Sorry it was stressful but you sure made my day. :)

  6. I am in awe. I could barely handle one at a time… you have THREE!! (obviously, you know that…)

    I vote diapers. And one of these – it’s bound to help for both sexes:

  7. See… I knew that there was a reason to skip potty training Andrew!

  8. We dream of the day your loud is potty trained but forget that they’ll actually have to then go potty. Being another never is easy!

  9. Imperfectmomma says:

    Ok. I am so officially scared to start potty training

  10. Love it! Jen, I really need to learn to read your posts in a place where wild shouts of laughter will not make me appear crazy.

  11. OMG… I’m dying. LOL How fast did you run away from the bathroom?

  12. There are definite benefits to diapers!

    I HATE that my kids always seem to have to poop when we are out and about.

    My youngest has to moon the world when he’s peeing outside, too.

  13. I was at my book club the other night and one of the ladies was talking about how they are getting ready to boot camp potty train their 2.5 yo daughter and I did everything I could to try to talk her out of it. Road trips, overnights, pretty much everything is easier when they’re still in diapers. At the time, I was unhappy that my daughter potty trained so late. These days, I wish she was back in them. Hell, some days I wish I had them for myself.

    • Lol yea . but now days the general society frowns on anyone over 3 yrs old wearing diapers except those that actually need it.But just to be wearing them for convenient Oh no but that’s not allowed! people need to keep their noses to themselves. I do need diapers but have liked the feeling of them since I was 8 yrs old. I am all for allowing kids to wear diapers if they want to just as long as it is before school. If your out and about with kids 5yrs or older and they are wearing diapers who cares or even if you wear them yourself, you would be surprised that noone actually notice that you are wearing a diaper unless you are showing it off, I don’t do that but even if my diaper peeks out the back of my shorts , noone says anything.I would not force a potty trained child in diapers I’d let them decide.

  14. I dream of the day when I have NOTHING to do with another human being’s waste. It’s not fair. I’m not in nursing or caring or anything like that. I only have two kids. But I’ve spent so so so so so much of the last 8 years up to the elbows in piddle and poo. And it’s still going on. Year after year after year of piddle and poo. You’re right – napppies were a blessing. I mean diapers.

  15. hahaha The middle boy in the picture looks so humiliated!

  16. OMG!! I have SOOO Much to look forward too.

  17. This might be why I’m being REALLY lax about potty training K… 😉

  18. Doh! I hope you washed her hands really really good.

  19. I would’ve just put the kids in diapers, at least for road trips. No one can hold on indefinitely, and need to relieve themselves eventually. If they wore diapers, if they need to pee, they can go in their diapers and you can change them when you get to where you can change them. Even if they did pee in the toilet before you left, they may need to pee again. That’s why they should wear diapers.

  20. Call me crazy, but my 11 year old still has issues with bedwetting and has a small bladder (can’t hold it long in the day). I get him to wear a diaper on long trips and places where there won’t be many bathrooms. Theme parks are a big one, line-ups are a killer! He really doesn’t mind and it makes things a lot easier on both of us… There is no shame in diapering your older kid to make things easier.

    • I was a bed wetter til I was 6. While my parents didn’t humiliate me, there was still disapproval, and negative stigma attached. Mind you, there was no such thing as goodnights in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I hated waking up in a cold wet bed. At 29 I developed bladder control problems that I still deal with today 19 years later. I hated having to buy, and wear diapers it was humiliating. Mostly I think because of the stigma I carried in my mind. After 19 years, and going from diapers solely at night to night and day, I have shed the stigma of wearing diapers. Diapers are just a tool to manage a dysfunctional bladder. Just for the record, I do not get some fetishlike kick. I will admit that I am so used to them, It would be strange not wearing them. They have surprisingly made my life simpler in a number of ways. Especially in the area of my job as a truck driver. I do like the mature attitudes of you folks. I commend you Ben, and your son. For a dad, and an 11 y/o to have a mature attitude toward wearing diapers past toddler age is refreshing. I really get a kick when I read post from parents who scream bloody murder when it comes to older kids wearing diapers. I am open about my incontinence to counteract such negative attitudes, and to( as a co-worker puts it) decriminalize diapers for older kids, teen, and adults. Keep up the good work.

    • I’ve had incontinence problems for years and have worn diapers, I have found its only an issue if you make it one I don’t always know when I have to go even if I sit on the toilet and try to go plus I’ve dealt with laughter incontinence for years

      • Hey all, like others who have posted I wear diapers for bed wetting and day time wetting problems. It started out as just bed wetting when I was 13 but when I was 20 I began having day time wetting problems. Now I wet anytime I am asleep and have 3-5 day time wetting accidents. I have heard all the teasing, name calling and such. I was in the hospital last year and while checking in I was unpacking my overnight bag. The nurse turns, sees the diapers and says “aren’t you a little old to still be wearing diapers?”. I have heard the comment before, but was shocked to hear it from a nurse who should be well aware of incontinence, and that people of any age could have the issue. In my case it’s a nerve issue. Either I get a sudden need to use the bathroom and have 2-3 seconds to run there, or I get no warning at all and just start peeing. So it’s either wear a diaper or pee on stuff. I pick the diaper. Although takes some getting used to, I have found some up sides. Like not having to miss any part of a movie you just paid 12 bucks for! Not having to worry if you get stuck in traffic. Don’t have to worry on the rare times your toilet stops working and have to wait 3 days for the repair guy to show up and fix it. Can sleep through the night no matter how much liquid you had before bed. Can do long trips without having to pull over for potty breaks (well, for those who are diapered anyway). Anyway, just wanted to chime in that there are some up sides for those who may need to wear a diaper. Doesn’t all have to be horribly embarrassing as many kids see it.

    • Steven Harrell says:

      Ben & John,
      First, i could not agree with you more. I dealt with bedwetting until i was 17 yrs old. I also dealt with bowel problems all my life. I wish and prayed that my parent’s have would diapered me when i was wetting the bed for sooooo long. I had a small bladder and sleep very, very soundly. It was also stress induced which didn’t help. Prior to my father’s death (I was 14 at the time), my bedwetting seem to be getting under control, somewhat. After he passed away, I went back full on again with wetting the bed to the max. To be an older teenager still wetting the bed was unbearable. I was even a member if a volunteer rescue squad and had to spend the night in the building. Let’s just say that i didn’t get much sleep when I was on shift. I would have bought some sort of protection for myself but back then (1970-1980’s) the stigma of wearing diapers at my age was “wierd”. I am so glad that parents are so open minded about it more today then back then. Trust me, you are doing your child or children a favor if you are helping with their bedwetting or bladder control problems. I am disabled now and incontinent due to my back but I am relieved that now it’s accepted due to my condition. Before, I use to worry about where every bathroom was, how long I travel from one place to another, or going to events for long periods of time. Please believe me that you are taking a huge burden off your children when you give them the option to wear protection. Today, these kids are under a lot of stress from peer preasure, keeping their grades up, and the worse of them all, someone finding out that they wet the bed or pants. All I want to finally say is, thanks for looking out to a fellow bedwetter and/or daytime accidents prone child. Remember, it’s truly not their fault. You think they really want to be label as such.

  21. It is too bad diapers are so stigmatized. They can be a useful tool and I do not think it should be considered a big deal if people find them to be more convenient. The purpose of toilet training is to allow kids to have control over their bladder and bowels. Once they have that control it should not matter if they need or want to wear a diaper out of convenience. Toilet training gives them options because you can either use a diaper or a toilet and as long as they have an option it should not matter what they choose.

  22. jeffery says:

    put kid under 10 back in diapers for road trips so you do not stop alot

  23. jeffery says:

    i have friends with little kids just out of diapers and one wet in my back seat so put them back in diapers on road trips is ok with me , on road trips even i wear diapers too coz of weak bladder, i feel there should be no shame , coz if you are older and pee outside your car on the side of the road yourself you can get arrested if caught, so i wear diapers on road trips coz i am alway wet by the time i get to a reststop with restrooms

  24. Hi i am the mom of 4 kids-two girls ages 15 and 13 and two boys ages 10 and 7.when they were babies i used cloth diapers and rubber pants on all four of them and they worked well for them.i thought i was done with diapers for good when last year,my 13 year old daughter started wetting the bed,so i put her back into the cloth diapers and rubber pants at night,then just 3 months ago my 7 year old son started wetting the bed and he absolutely refused cloth diapers so i put him into pull ups.the 13 year old doesnt mind wear the cloth diaper and rubber pants to bed and her sister often helps me do the diapering of her at bed time.

    • I am glad you believe in Rubber Baby Pants and Diapers. I enjoy wearing my Plastic Baby Pants due to my slight bed wetting at night. I wish I had and understanding mommy or babysitter to change my Rubber Baby

  25. i deal with nine kids right now six of them come to me every day in diapers and they are all between the age of siix and ten the thing is do not bash them with negative words and my two sons are 4 and 5 years old and on trips to the farm in the ozark mountians of arakansas i hafve both of them in diapers and they just let me know when they go and i will pull over and change them and then keep going so i say for all thips where you know that you will be on the road more than one hour put them in a diaper

  26. I’ve never understood the hangup people have against wearing diapers. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve come to belive that it would help relieve some pressure on the bladder, and maybe even the bowels, if one is allowed to wear diapers and just use them. I’m a 40 yr old man. I’m healthy, able-bodied, I don’t need a wheelchair or power scooter. I have no physical or mental challenges. My only problem is that, like most people, I can’t hold on indefinitely, and if I’m busy with something and can’t be near a toilet when I need to pee, then I’m screwed. That’s why I wear diapers.

  27. my two daughters are 11 and 13 and they are both in cloth diapers and rubberpants and like wearing them.they make them feel cute and little girlish.they wear them for holidays,weddings,etc and around the house and to bed at night.

    • Dianne L. says:

      i have twin 14 year old daughters and last august when they were 13,they were both flower girls in our nieces wedding and they wore cute,poofy,top of the knees dresses with a veil,lace anklets and white patent leather shoes.I did a cloth diaper and blousy fitting rubberpants on them under their dresses to make the feel cuter and more little girlish.the rubberpants crinkled when they walked down the aisle and it was so cute! my niece and all of her attendants thought the diapers and rubberpants looked adorable on them.they both wore their diaper and rubberpants under their christmas and easter dresses as well.

  28. my daughter is 15 and a freshman in high school.last may when she was 14 and in the 8th grade she went thru catholic confirmation and had to wear a white,poofy floor length dress with a flowered headwreath with ribbons down the back,white tights and white mary jane shoes.To make her feel more pure and innocent like her baptism,i put a disposable diaper and rubber pants on her under her tights.she wore the outfit for the whole day and she told me the diaper and rubber pants did make her feel more pure.

  29. Diapers are just a piece of clothing, if you do not make a deal of it, neither will the child. as a registered nurse I find it more unhealthy making a child hold a full bladder (i.e. urinary track infection, or stomach ache) than to just go when needed if on a long trip in a car or plane, sometimes turbulence prevents the pilot from allowing passengers to use the restroom. If a child is under 8 years old or willing at 10 years old diaper them (not pull-ups — they leak and will cause embarrassment)! If the child is potty trained they will not be ‘un-potty’ trained by wearing on occasion or as needed.

    Scott RN — Father of 4 children himself. :)

  30. I use diapers on long business ttips…though not on planes just car rides they are comfortable and I’m not having an accident
    … I even like wearing them at home….anyone else ???? oh yea I’m 30 by the way

  31. I drive a school bus and I wear a pull up for this. Some days I need to go and I am not allow to leave the bus. They make it easy

  32. Absolutely agree! My boys are 8, 5 , 3 and all still wearing diapers. It is so nice not having to worry about bathrooms or hearing them whine saying I need to pee. They love their diapers and I will never force them out of diapers. I no one day soon they will not want to wear but until then we are proud to be diapered!

  33. This is an interesting story thats for sure. We do live in a society that looks down upon kids wearing diapers past the age of 4 and the older your kids are the more likely it is that some one is going to say..he aint potty trained yet? what is the matter with him? what is the matter with you? My daughter still wets the bed on occasion and she is 5 and a half. she didnt potty train until 4 and a half and I got a lot of shit from people which honestly left me feeling a bit of shame. I my self have had issues with severe urinary and bowel incontinence since I was a little kid due to neurological issues and wear diapers and I always felt like the fact that I couldnt help her potty train by example was partly to cause for her being a little late even though she is on the autism spectrum. I wish societal attitudes would change so that people who have to wear them wouldnt get so much crap over it and people who needed them for long trips and other situations wouldnt feel strange about it. Any how I write about my experiences dealing with urinary and bowel incontinence and being a dad @

  34. I believe that wearing diapers would be a good thing if you can’t be near a restroom to pee, or even poop. Making kids hold on until you reach the next toilet seems unreasonable, at best. No one, however aware that he/she needs to pee or poo, can hold on indefinitely, and *will* need to relieve themselves. If they’re wearing diapers, at least they’ll be able to pee at will, and then you can change into a clean diaper when you reach the next toilet. The same goes for pooping. However disgusting it may be, it’d be better than pooping in your pants and getting the seat of the car all messy.

  35. I currently have my 16 year old daughter in cloth diapers and rubber pants at night.I buy the gerber flat cloth diapers that come 10 to a package in the 24×27 inch size and the diaper pins at Walmart.I sew the 10 diapers together to make one 10 ply thick diaper out of them.i buy the diaper pins in pink,yellow and blue.her rubber pants i buy in the adult size medium in both pastels and babyprint styles from Adult cloth diaper company.At bed time,she takes a quick shower,then after the shower she takes a diaper and the rubber pants and pins out of her diaper drawer and then lays on her bed.i rub her down with baby powder then pin the diaper on her then put the rubberpants on over it.then its into her nightgown and into bed.i also do the diaper and rubberpants on her for holidays and special occassions under her dresses.

    • Dorie, I would love for you to babysit me. I am glad there are mommies who still believe in Rubber Baby Panties. I would love to have you Powder me and snap or slip a pair of baby blue Plastic Baby Panties on me!! Then put a diaper shirt on me and let me Toddle around in just my diaper shirt with Rubber Baby Pantie exposed for everyone to see!,! I bet you are great at at changing Plastic a Baby Panties. I wish you would change my Rubber Baby panties everyday and keep me in all the pretty pastel colors and Baby Print Platic Baby Panties

  36. I am the mom of two boys, 4 & 5 1/2 who are both late potty trainers. I can’t tell you how many comments and dirty looks I have gotten from others when changing one of my boys or even in the checkout line buying pull-ups, diapers or wipes. Ive even had comments about my carrying a diaper bag! It seems to many that buying training pants is a sign that I am a lazy mother and haven’t tried to teach my boys. My oldest only wears diapers at night because it is easier than changing sheets. But I can’t tell you how many times, as recently as yesterday, that I have had to find a public bathroom and strip off his wet pants, change him and then pack up his wet ones. Yesterday the accident was wet and poopy so that further complicates things! Would have been far less stressful to change a diaper as I do for my youngest. Moms, do what works for you, comments from others be damned! My kids are happy and healthy and that’s what matters!

  37. I`m the mother of 3 kids 2 boys ages 3-5 and a girl-7 years.both boys are still wearing diapers 24/ daughter was potty trained at age 3 years.but for the last 4 years i`v had more problem with my daughter.when going some place every 15 minutes and right in the middle of something i`d hear mommy i need use the potty.i`d have to take her with the boy`s in tow right then or she`d wet 4 months ago when i realized i was having more problem with my daughter being out of diapers then my sons still being in diapers.I put my daughter back into diapers and life is so much better now.i don`t hear mommy i need to use the potty when i`m in the middle something and every 15 minutes anymore.yes when going someplace i have to pack not 2 but 3 diaper bags all i do every 2 or 4 hours is change her diapers just like i do her younger brothers.but it worth it.i`m sure there other mother out there that would agree with me on that and i`d like to hear from them.

  38. Well if you need help with diapers I got you covered! Go to

  39. I have a 9 year old daughter that steals diapers and wont use the toilet… she has me buy the diapers too and has me change them

  40. I have a 6 year old daughter, i did put she back in diapers.
    so it is much easier life.I take the view that a child should be 24/7 diaper 5-6 years and at night and trip, 10 to 12 years of age.
    This is a security issue.

  41. We have one who still wets the bed nightly at age 8. But at one point we had 3 bedwetters and so it was easier and much more cost effective for us to use cloth diapers and plastic pants. When we transitioned to the cloth we took the time to sit down with the 2 who were at that time regular bedwetters wearing disposable pullups and talk with them and explain diapers and plastic pants and why we felt it would be okay for them to wear them to bed. Although the oldest at that time was 6 and really did not like the idea he agreed to try them with the promise that if he didn’t like them he could go back to pullups. So with that in mind that night at bedtime both he and his sister age 4 were put into double cloth diapers and plastic pants. The next morning both were wet and their beds were dry as there had been no leaks which did happen sometimes with the pullups. To make a long story short our kids were bedwetters up until around the age of 10. There is a history if bedwetting on both sides of the family me until 9 and hubby until 10. We both wore cloth diapers with plastic pants until our beds remained dry. Our kids have been handled the same.
    I see nothing wrong with using cloth diapers and plastic pants for bedwetting as long as the children are okay with it. Ours daytime trained around 2 1/2 to 3 years but the night wetting continued and our youngest is till a bedwetter today.

  42. Mike Virgil says:

    I am a man I am 53 years old and I wet my pants and I wish I had a mommy like you that would put me back into diapers wish that you would be able to come to my address and put me in diapers and take care of me like that little baby lockable rubber pants on me I will be happy to give you my address if you’re willing to come and do that for me or call me or send me a text at 920-728-7046 or email me at because I would be very happy to give you my address so you can GPS it to my place and put me back into diapers and turn me into a baby so yeah it would really be nice if you had the guts to do that to me what would really be nice if you became my mommy in real life am I really would be nice if you had the guts to come out come here and do that for me so don’t be afraid to respond back I would love to hear your response do you have the guts to become my mommy I’ll be happy obey all your rules and commands and if I do not obey your rules and commands you have my permission to punish me and punish me any way you want to anywhere’s and anytime because I will do any punishment that you’re willing to give me

  43. Mike Virgil says:

    I was also like Mommy to put diapers on me disposable diapers make me wear diapers 24/7 for the rest of my life forever

  44. Caryn, it is nice to know there are understanding mommies who believe in changing Plastic Baby Panties and
    Diapers. I feel very safe and secure in my Rubber Baby Panties in my bed at night. They keep me and warm and secure. I love how they rustle, reminding me that I am protected. I would look forward to an understanding mommy like yourself, pulling my big boy pants down and powdering my bottom and PP.
    Next, smiling down at me while changing my Plastic Baby Pantie and telling me why you are going to keep me in Rubber Baby Panties from now on!!!

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