My ‘Listen to Your Mother’ Moment

I wasn't nervous until I heard my name being called then I could feel the panic rising in my chest. "Dear God, please don't let me trip and fall on the stairs," I silently prayed. "For once in my … [Read More...]

Old Lady Hair?

Mommy Hair

I wouldn't really call myself a vain person but I do care about what I look like. Well, let me rephrase that, I sometimes care what I look like. Just like many mommies out there, during my days at … [Read More...]

Nice and Comfy

What I really want to know is what in the world was she doing (and thinking) minutes before falling asleep that go her into this position.How can kids sleep like this? I just don't get it. … [Read More...]

Bedroom Acrobatics

Every body loves the weekend. One main reason is because Daddy is home. I get more help with the things of daily life and the kids get to spend some quality time with Dad.Jeff likes to play all kinds … [Read More...]

Hurry Up, Please


I hate being late. No, not miss your period late, although a person could hate that too if you weren't planning on a baby, I'm talking about being late getting somewhere, late to an appointment, … [Read More...]

The Odds are Against Me

I realized the other day that I really need to stop calling the babies, babies. They are really not babies anymore but toddlers. I am reminded on an almost daily basis how good they are at being … [Read More...]

Cool Bloggy Quizes and Other Useless Information.

I am at work today and it is very boring and lets just say, very less than entertaining. So I have been entertaining myself by reading blogs and playing around on this site. It was kinda fun and … [Read More...]

Blogversations: Reading Rainbow

Like most small people their age, the babies love to read books. Through out the day, they will bring me numerous books to read and I have no problem reading them. I am glad that they are developing a … [Read More...]

A Fairy Tale

This week in the blogosphere is a special week. This summer Moxie Media Girls has sent their mascot Mona around the country on a special trip to visit bloggers all over the country. She hit over 40 … [Read More...]

Swiss Rolls

Claire and Swiss Cake Rolls

These are Swiss Rolls These are Swiss Rolls a la Claire. Any Questions? … [Read More...]