Pregnancy… It’s Happening Everywhere

negative pregnancy test

It seems that everyone around me is pregnant, wants to get pregnant again or is announcing a pregnancy. Sisters, friends, cousins, bloggy buddies... it's all baby making all the time. And I … [Read More...]

Beloved Blog Gets Make-over. Story at 8(Crazy)

Here it is! Our make-over is complete! I am so happy with it. I didn't think it was possible but I love my little blog even more. Big thanks to Eightcrazy Designs for the great design (see the link … [Read More...]

A Good Whacking

Whacking a Tree

"What in the world are those boys doing?' I asked Jeff as we drove down the street. "What boys?" Jeff asked. "Those boys, there in that yard with sticks, hitting that tree. What are they doing?" … [Read More...]

Feeling Thoughtful

Recent events in my life have caused me to be a little more thoughtful than I normally would. These things have been spinning around in my head for a while and I need to get them out and sort of … [Read More...]

A Birthday Letter

To My Dear Sister,Today is your birthday. Let me just tell you Happy Birthday! I can't believe where the years have gone. I can't believe where life has taken us. Our story of sisterhood is really … [Read More...]

Sure Could Use that Parenting 101 Manual

Every now and again, I will look up to the sky or look a little deeper into the mail box hoping that my copy has come. But sadly, after 5 years it still has not shown up. I am beginning to think that … [Read More...]

Get Rid of Those Hairy Scary Legs

Hayden was watching Wonder Pets and a commercial came on.Hayden says, "Mommy, Mommy you have gotta come here and see this! This is really going to help you"My curiosity was peek so I go. When I walk … [Read More...]

Its A Happy Birthday Summer Fun Give Away!

Ah, Summer. It truly is one of the best times of the year. Long days to play outside. Bugs and Frogs to catch. Warm weather to enjoy a swim. What's not to like? Well, two summers … [Read More...]

Not Just A Kid’s Show

How many times in your life as a mother, have you turned the TV on to Sesame Street and plopped the kids down in front of it in hopes that you can have 10 or if you are really, really lucky, 20 … [Read More...]

We May Have a Problem Here

I think that we have a problem. I want to be on the computer blogging. Jeff wants to be on the compute gaming. (We do have 2 computers so thats not the issue.)So the problem is that neither of us want … [Read More...]