Just Don’t Laugh

I am a nurse. I have been for some time and I love my profession. I really, really do. As a nurse, it is my job to take care of people and a lot of times that means taking care of people's private … [Read More...]

Yet Another Car Ride Conversation

"Grrrrrrr! Grrrrrrr! (sigh). I am sooooo FRUSTRATED!""Hayden, why are you sooo frustrated?""BECAUSE, I have pokey boogers in my nose. GRRRRRR!""I am sorry about your pokey boogers. Do you need a … [Read More...]

Houston, We Have A Climber

I try to log onto the computer and check my e-mail for one minute (ok so maybe it was more like 5 minutes but still) and this is what I find. Lovely! … [Read More...]

Am I Raising Monkeys or Kids?

My kids are climbers. They always have been. As soon as they could walk, they started climbing on things. I am convinced that they learned to walk only to be able to climb on more things. You know, … [Read More...]

Magic Healing Wand

amethyst healing wands

When I go into work, I never really know what the shift is going to hold for me. This is one thing that I love about being a Critical Care RN. Its exciting wondering what is going to come through the … [Read More...]

The Perfect Christmas is Full of Blog Fodder

Christmas Kid Not Good collage

Another Christmas has come and gone. All the planning and listing making and preparations are now done and put to good use. The presents have been given and opened and painstakingly removed from … [Read More...]


playing in the leaves

"children are love made visible" Laying on the couch wasn't helping my sluggish feeling. It was time to get up and move. Besides, the Taco Bell burrito that I just ate was sitting like a rock in … [Read More...]

And The Winner Is….

Take 1Take 2 And Finally Take 3 … [Read More...]

A Birthday, Its All Fun Until Someone Cries

In this house, there is a complete love affair with Nemo and all things Nemo.We, well the kids, watch Nemo multiple times a day.So it was only fitting that the theme ofQuinn, Jake and Claire's 2nd … [Read More...]

A Not So Cake Wreck Cake

Cake Wrecks collage

Every holiday needs a good cake. Many, many people try and make good holiday cakes but as the site Cake Wrecks, proves executing this task is sometimes, well, a wreck. But Jeff is always up for … [Read More...]