Sometimes You Just Need a Good Car Dance

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Take triplets to school. Take Hayden to the doctor. Take Hayden back to school. Take dad to pick up car in the shop. Take self to get hair done. Take self to grocery store. Take kids … [Read More...]

Fat and Funny is the New Skinny

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I have decided that I don't want to be skinny. Nope. Being skinny is just too hard and frankly, takes too much time and energy to achieve. Skinny people have to actually do something during … [Read More...]

So the Rapture, Huh?


I have a confession to make. I am not sure that I really want to tell anyone but its usually better to confess then to just let things fester. You are probably going to really think that I am … [Read More...]

The Hardest Part….

was keeping him in that hospital gown. Everything was a success.Simple. Easy. Quick.We are now happy to be home.Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and telling me its alright to worry. … [Read More...]

Tuesday’s Tribute: The Best Time of Day

Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.For this Tuesday's Tribute, I am going to bring you a very heart felt tribute to the best time of day. Bedtime. No not my bedtime, now don't get me wrong I love my … [Read More...]

Life is Full of Lessons

There is the pungent odor of bleach following through the house.Why does the house smell like bleach?Because bleach was used to clean up the bathtub after it was used as a toilet.What would cause a … [Read More...]

Yet Another First Day of School Post, but This One is the Best Yet

So here he is, my big Kindergartener.The picture is blurry because he could not stop jumping up and down with excitement.He was more than ready to go.Riding the bus was awesome.No, sweat. He entered … [Read More...]

The Blogging Connection

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I turned the corner, pulled out the chair and sat down. With a push of the power button the computer was loading and that's when I heard it... *wwwaaaaaahhh* "Oh for the love of pete," … [Read More...]

The Ideas Are Flowin’ and Some Q & A

Thank you all so much for all the encouragement and well wishes. I am feeling much more like myself this morning (NV, you were right, I need to stop being to hard on myself) Amazing what some sleep … [Read More...]

There is Something that Doesn’t Belong Here


One of the side effects of living in the middle of the woods is bugs, lots and bugs of bug and chipmunks that apparently get into the house. Here let me explain. The kids and I were getting … [Read More...]