Think of Me

When I go to bed on the eve of a big day, I like to do a double check of my to-do lists in my head. This seems to help me feel more organized and less stressed. I will wake up knowing what I need to … [Read More...]

My oh my

There has been a lot going on in our household and many times, I have wanted to make a posting but I have not found the time. So today, I am going to make a marathon post to get everyone caught … [Read More...]


First, I want to thank every one for flooding heaven with prayers on behalf of the babies and me. Last week, I was kinda in a funk and crabby. I feel that I lost sight of the good things that are … [Read More...]

Whatever It Takes To Be The ‘Cool Mom’

Ever before I was a mom, I knew that when I became a mom, I wanted to be one of the 'cool moms'.You know the ones. The mom that all the kids adore and flock to. She is just so totally cool and knows … [Read More...]


Hayden recently over heard one of his Grandma's say that his eyes shine when he smiles. So now, he runs around the house saying,"My eye's shine when I smile like this."Lovely. … [Read More...]

There Goes the Neighborhood

About three years ago, we moved into our current house. It was a big step up for us. Our first house was located downtown in a neighborhood where they sent out neighborhood watch notices frequently. … [Read More...]


I think that one of the best things about being a parent is watching your kids enjoy something that you loved as a kid. I can't tell you how happy I am that my kids love the water.I love to watch … [Read More...]

Wait, Did He Just Sit Down?


"Alright, folks. Let's get the parents up here," our 'wedding planner' (this was her title only, really she just directed traffic) said as she motioned for my parents and Jeff's parents to get ready … [Read More...]

How to Make Apple Pie

The other day, Hayden got to go on a very special trip with one of his Grandmas. He spent the night over at her house, went to the library and went to the apple orchard to pick apples. He had a … [Read More...]

What Stopped the Blogging?

I have been a little distracted and not in the blogging world as much as I would like. Maybe no one noticed, well some people noticed because I have lost followers (not many but I have to wonder if … [Read More...]