Can You Ever Take the Mommy Out of a Girl?

Cique du Soleil collage

My bestest girl friend and I went out on the town the other night. Jeff had given me tickets to a Cique du Noel show with our local symphony and begged me to go with anyone but him. So I got all … [Read More...]

An Interesting Night of Sleep

sleeping with toys1

Something really strange happened to me in bed the other night. No, not that. I ended up sleeping with three extra men. Weird right?! Here is what went down. I was minding my own business and … [Read More...]

How to Make Friends at the Mall Play Area


I don't know how you feel about mall play area's but I don't really have a problem with them. Sure they are dirty little cesspools for germs and illness but I am all about challenging my … [Read More...]

Turn that Off or It Will Rot Your Brain?

First I just want to say that there are only a couple days left on the recipe contest over at SITS: recipes. If you have not, could you PLEASE go over and vote for me? Pretty, pretty PLEEEEASE! It … [Read More...]

Things a Mother Says During a Family Photo Session


Will you please just look at the camera? Don't pick your nose. Stop kicking your brother. Get your hair out of your mouth. Don't wipe snot of me. Look at the camera. You can have … [Read More...]

A Few Snow Bunnies

Well, we have gotten some snow. OK, more than some, how about 10 inches, give or take an inch! It is yucky outside not a good day to go out and about. I was talking, no whining, to my sister about … [Read More...]

Total Insanity

Sometimes I feel like talking to my toddlers is like trying to get some where on a merry go round, you get no where fast. Case in point, this interesting conversation I had with Claire.Me: *leaning … [Read More...]

Very Early Christmas Morning

jake at christmas

A noise woke me from my sleep. I was still confused as to what it was because it didn't feel like it should be morning yet. I turned to see my alarm clock and the red numbers 4:22 stared back at … [Read More...]

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday and we had the pleasure of going out to dinner. My parent's gave Jeff the gift of watching the kids so that we could do this. Anyway, we had a lovely adult dinner with … [Read More...]

My Wish List

In my blog reading the other night. One of my bloggy friend posed this question, "What kind of things would be on your wish list if there was no money limit?"Since my birthday is coming up this next … [Read More...]