Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday and we had the pleasure of going out to dinner. My parent's gave Jeff the gift of watching the kids so that we could do this. Anyway, we had a lovely adult dinner with … [Read More...]

Writer’s Workshop: I Little Thing I Like to Call Haydenisms

Prompt: What your kids talking about?Me: Hayden, I am going to take a shower.Hayden: Yipee!!!!! I am in charge. You hear that babies, I am in … [Read More...]

Sure Could Use that Parenting 101 Manual

Every now and again, I will look up to the sky or look a little deeper into the mail box hoping that my copy has come. But sadly, after 5 years it still has not shown up. I am beginning to think that … [Read More...]

I Will Marry You


"I don't want to go home yet," I said as I got into Jeff's car. The movie was finished and I knew that our date was coming to an end. The time we had together always seemed so short.  The week days … [Read More...]

The Internet Made my Children Independent


"You blog AND you have 4 kids?" That is a common thing said to me when people find out that I not only have 4 kids, including triplets, and I keep a 'successful' blog. My reaction is to smile … [Read More...]

Preschool Observations

secret preschool class

I consider myself a little bit of an expert on preschool. Probably not as much as an actual preschool teacher but since it is a requirement of the preschool that Jake, Quinn and Claire attend that a … [Read More...]

Lessons About Breast Feeding

mommy bird feeding baby bird

We decided to have some friends over to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Our friends bring their kids, come hang out at our house, we eat Chinese food and the adult beverages flow. It was a good … [Read More...]

It’s a Handbag Not a Purse!


There is something that I have always wanted. It is going to seem really silly to a lot of people but not to me.  I have a love of designer handbags, well a secret love. Most of the people in my life … [Read More...]

Please Don’t Listen

Like most mother's, one the things that annoys me to no end is the fact that my children don't listen to me. Ok, that is not entirely true. They do listen but it is not on a consistent basis.Just once … [Read More...]

How I Know My Daughter will be a Good Mother… Someday

photo (2) (1)

My darling daughter, I know that you are aware tomorrow is Mother's Day. You have been making cards and pictures nonstop for about a week now and I love every single drawing you made. Especially … [Read More...]