Writer’s Workshop: Creative Writing

This weeks prompts were very clever and I have decided to do a little creative, free writing. I was inspired by an other blogger who is an aspiring novelist. She had been free writing a story for the … [Read More...]

“Smile, You’re on Candid Camera!”


Sometimes I wonder if my life isn't being record for a hidden camera TV show. You know, like 'Candid Camera' or maybe 'Punk'd' with Aston Kutcher. There are just certain events that happen to me … [Read More...]

So Motherhood. Yeah, I Had No Idea

peek-a-boo baby

This week, it will be seven years that I have been a mom. I look back on those years and the first thing that I think is, "Damn that time went fast!" then the next thing that comes to mind is, "How … [Read More...]

There are Super Heroes Living in my House

I am a little late to this bandwagon but I recently discovered the goodness that is Esty.Esty, for those of you that don't know, if a site where people can set up a store for goods that they … [Read More...]

Whew, What A Day!

What a wonderful day!Filled with fun, food and family.Couldn't get any better? Although it was fun, I think Hayden ended it bestwhen after the Santa visit,he gathered his new toys and asked,"Mom, can … [Read More...]

Be Careful What You Ask

For a while now, Claire has been tell me when she has a poopy diaper. She is usually spot on every time. I know, I know time to potty train but I am not ready, so we will wait.As I was buckling her … [Read More...]

Say Good Bye

little boy

"I want to go home!" Jake said as he crossed his arms over his chest and put a frown on his face. This statement surprised me, especially since we were home, "Jake what do you mean? We are home, … [Read More...]


Its bedtime and that means all it right with the world.All the kids are soundly sleeping after a fun filled day at school.See here is Jake sound asleep.And Claire all cuddled up in her blanket, … [Read More...]

A Weekend Away, Wine Included

A couple weekends ago, Jeff and I got to get away with some friends for the weekend. The WHOLE weekend!It was 2 glorious nights and days of kid free living. No schedules, no bath time, no bed time … [Read More...]

We Heart Art

I don't really call myself a crafty person. I wouldn't really even call myself creative. But when I began to think about what being creative means, I guess I am. But not in the making crafts or scrap … [Read More...]