One Thing Children are Good at… Entertainment


My children never fail to entertain me. Why just one afternoon when they went out to play in the snow and I was totally entertained by their antics. Yeah, sledding on a snow board. This is a great … [Read More...]

Bedroom Acrobatics

Every body loves the weekend. One main reason is because Daddy is home. I get more help with the things of daily life and the kids get to spend some quality time with Dad.Jeff likes to play all kinds … [Read More...]

For These I am Truly Thankful

They are cranky. They are sick. They are whinny. Some are teething.They make messes. They wake me up in the middle of the night.They cling to me and make me trip. They seem to be always under … [Read More...]

Feeling Like You Are Buried with Children

So I am still off playing and having fun. So here is a post from another one of my favorite bloggers. I love this women! She and I just get each other. So here you go, a fabulous post written by Kathy … [Read More...]

How to Make Designer Pancakes

Pancake collage

About four years ago, Jeff and I were sitting on the couch watching Food Network on TV because I had control of the remote and I love that channel, when a short order cook came on and began to make a … [Read More...]

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I have to admit something, I really like the fact that I have a little girl. When I first got pregnant with the triplets, I wanted to have all boys. I didn't want any girls, just boys. I thought that … [Read More...]

Two’s Company

Monday was a very exciting day in our house. We were able to take Jacob and Claire home from the hospital. Quinn has to stay a little longer to perfect his feeding skills. We are hopeful that he too … [Read More...]

Things I Didn’t Know

Motherhood or parenthood, if you will, is a very strange thing. Raising children, guiding them and molding them into successful members of society and people is a very big and overwhelming job. It is … [Read More...]

I Thought I Knew How to be a Parent

just a picture

I remember when I was pregnant with Hayden, I was so scared and nervous about becoming a parent. I worried about how I going to care for a newborn. I had no idea how often to feed him, how and when to … [Read More...]

So Motherhood. Yeah, I Had No Idea

peek-a-boo baby

This week, it will be seven years that I have been a mom. I look back on those years and the first thing that I think is, "Damn that time went fast!" then the next thing that comes to mind is, "How … [Read More...]