Let Me Show You the Birthday Pary

Kid's Fall collage

Hayden turned six this year.  Six years old, I can't believe it. To celebrate, we had a Halloween Pumpkin Carving party. These pictures tell the story better than I ever could. An awesome … [Read More...]

Talker’s Workshop

I feel like I need to confess something. Out on my porch, there are still Christmas lights. I don't turn them on anymore but it is just about April and there are still Christmas lights on my … [Read More...]

Playing Tennis

Playing Tennis Collage

"WE ARE GOING TO THE PARK AND YOU WILL ALL PLAY OUTSIDE AND LIKE IT!!!" I screamed. The TV had been off for 15 minutes and already each one of the kids had asked me like 30 times if they could … [Read More...]

I Don’t Want to Share!

This morning, my blogging time was cut short. It was not because the kids were screaming, or because I finally gave into the call of the dirty house or sink full of breakfast dishes. It was because of … [Read More...]

There is Just Something About That First Snow

When it first starts to snow, I get really excited.I am one of those weird people that actually likes the snow. I really don't mind it.Its not that I am all into winter sports, I just like the look of … [Read More...]


Have you ever thought about fear? What makes you afraid of something? Why are we afraid of certain things? Fear is a really strange thing and can come out of no where. Fear can be paralyzing … [Read More...]

What My Children Are Good At

They are good at frustrating me to no end.They are good at making me laugh when I think that all I want to do is cry.They are good at pushing my limits so far that I want to run away and never look … [Read More...]

Adventures in Back to School Shopping

school shopping with kids

Well, it is that time of year again. It's time to get ready to start school. Now, I know that in many parts of the country, we are behind. There are a lot of people that have been at this school … [Read More...]

The Time I Covered my Kitchen in Gravy

blender kitchen mess

I don't exactly know why I thought that I could accomplish such a vast undertaking but I did. Apparently, I thought that spending 4 hours in a cooking class and watching endless hours of The Food … [Read More...]


A very difficult concept to master but when used,a good time is had by all. … [Read More...]