When There’s Nothing on TV, Watch a Movie

"Aw, man," I whined. "The presidential debate is on tonight which is totally going to ruin my TV watching." Jeff looked up from his computer and rolled his eyes. I was so excited when a couple … [Read More...]

Happy First Birthday, Quinn!

Quinn Richard was the first of the triplets to be born weighing in at 5lbs 2oz. He was the lowest baby in the uterus and had the other two jumping on him from day one. I didn't think it would be … [Read More...]

The Case of The Stealthy Poop

Wouldn't you know it, this always happens when I am in a rush to get out the door. While loading all the kids in the van, I lift up a baby, set him/her down in the seat and then I am hit in the nose … [Read More...]

My Very Big Battle

Bug collage

I whipped the shower curtain back and froze. A little gasp-like¬†scream escaped my lips. I totally wasn't expecting anything or anyone to be in my shower. My mind raced as to what to do next. I … [Read More...]

Stop the Mom Abuse!

I am sitting here, reading some blogs. As I read, I reach up to scratch an itch on my forehead. In doing so my hand comes across of very painful lump right on my hair line.Huh?That is kind of odd?I … [Read More...]

Spring Is

spring is planting seeds

This post is part of Writer's Workshop … [Read More...]

The Secret Sack

Mommy's head exploded

"Ok, Jake since you are the star of the week, you can pick one thing to put in the secret sack," I said to Jake one afternoon. Being the star of the week is a big deal in preschool. When someone is … [Read More...]

A Not So Cake Wreck Cake

Cake Wrecks collage

Every holiday needs a good cake. Many, many people try and make good holiday cakes but as the site Cake Wrecks, proves executing this task is sometimes, well, a wreck. But Jeff is always up for … [Read More...]

Sometimes, You Just Have to Jump

"Sometimes if you aren't sure about something, you just have to jump off the bridge and grow your wings on the way down."~Danielle Steel … [Read More...]

Mommy Meatloaf


"Ew! Gross! What is that?" Claire asked as she slid her chair back from the table. I rolled my eyes. "Oh yum!" Hayden said in his best kiss up voice, "It's meatloaf." I am pretty sure the … [Read More...]