My Son Did My Makeup


I like being a girl. I like all the pretty things girls get to wear, I like the sexy panties and bras, I like the shoes but most of all I like the makeup. Wearing makeup makes me happy, in fact … [Read More...]

Moral of the Story: Always Lock the Door

Bathroom Lock the Door

I guess you could say that it's sorta my fault. I have never been very good at closing the bathroom door. When my kids were little I used to leave the door to the bathroom open on purpose. I am … [Read More...]

Magic Healing Wand

amethyst healing wands

When I go into work, I never really know what the shift is going to hold for me. This is one thing that I love about being a Critical Care RN. Its exciting wondering what is going to come through the … [Read More...]

Just another Conversation with my Kids


Come kids, I am going to show you a new game to play. We are going to lay down right here and look up at the sky How come, Mommy? Well, because Mommy is tired and its fun to look up at the … [Read More...]

Bath Time

bath time

Bathing children in our house has always been a bit challenging, well maybe not really challenging but more on the interesting side. When the triplets were little, we just put them all in the same … [Read More...]

Is There Such a Thing as too Many Bubbles?

Bubble Bath collage

Hayden wanted a bubble bath. What else could I do but comply with his request? Although, I may have gone a little over board with the bubbles. But I don't  think so since Hayden succeeded in … [Read More...]

Little Girl, Little Girl, What Do You See?

Coloring Table1

What do you see when you see this table? Brown paper? A clam bake about to happen? A mess? Well, that is not what Claire sees. No. Claire sees, A great big blank canvas. And it must be … [Read More...]

My Children want to be Smurfs

chalk loving kids collage

Jeff and I are good at a lot of things. We are good at making each other and our kids laugh. We are good take sitting in the same room playing dueling laptops, him gaming and me connecting in the … [Read More...]

What’s That Big Colorful Tube For?

This is a pretty cool tube. How does it work?Alright, I think I got it.But I feel a little too small to reach the handles.Ah, Daddy? Can you help me?Ok, that's better. Let's Go! Tubing is Awesome!At … [Read More...]

Triplet Preschool Graduation

Preschool Graduation

"Mommy, do'd we get presents for graduation?" Jake asked. "No," I said not being able to contain my giggle, "You don't get a present for this graduation, high school yes but not when for your … [Read More...]