Let’s Go Out To Eat

I like going out to eat. There is just something about not having to come up with an idea about what to eat. It is such a joy to be able to sit down, look at a list of food, pick something and then … [Read More...]

An Animal-less Zoo

My mother-in-law called me the other day and had a great idea of taking the kids to the zoo. She, of course, wanted to go with us and the kids, well Hayden, were all for this plan. So off we went to … [Read More...]

How is it that They Know I Want to go to Sleep?

It has been a long, hard day.The kids have been sleeping soundly for some time.The house has been returned to more subdued level of chaos.The toys have been kicked out of the walks, ready to be played … [Read More...]

"Can I Keep It? Please, Can I Keep It?"

The other day, Hayden found a frog. Hayden is an animal/bug lover. Everyday, he finds some creature that he wants to keep forever and sleep with. This day it was a frog, a very large frog I might … [Read More...]

A Pretty Much Darn Near Perfect Vacation

Great Wolf Lodge vacation collage

We went on a family vacation. I just need to let those words sink in. We went on a real family vacation. It's not like we have never traveled with our kids before because we have but I am not … [Read More...]


happy to go to school

"He needs to kick some ass and take some names," I said to myself as I typed those words into my phone in a text to Jeff. I don't want to encourage my son to fight at school but something has to be … [Read More...]

Perhaps a Pinterest Win?

photo (1)

In my bathroom, there are two drawers full of empty toilet paper rolls. Why? Each time my husband changes the roll instead of me, I wanted to save it to commemorate the occasion. It's something … [Read More...]


In order to combat accusations of favoritism, here's a picture of Hayden from our trip the beach on Saturday.Now, lest we get bombarded with requests for more recent pictures of the triplets, here's a … [Read More...]

Stop the Mom Abuse!

I am sitting here, reading some blogs. As I read, I reach up to scratch an itch on my forehead. In doing so my hand comes across of very painful lump right on my hair line.Huh?That is kind of odd?I … [Read More...]

A Fairy Tale

This week in the blogosphere is a special week. This summer Moxie Media Girls has sent their mascot Mona around the country on a special trip to visit bloggers all over the country. She hit over 40 … [Read More...]