Kids Make the Darndest Things: A Look into Hayden’s Mind

Writing Journal

School ended a couples weeks ago which meant that all of Hayden's art and projects came home with him. One thing that came home was his writing journal. And what kind of mommy blogger would I be if I … [Read More...]

Let’s Play Ball

Jake and Quinn LOVE to play ball. Sometimes I think, that they think, they are dogs because they love to play fetch. Seriously. Quinn like this game more so than Jake. Quinn will find the ball and … [Read More...]

What Stopped the Blogging?

I have been a little distracted and not in the blogging world as much as I would like. Maybe no one noticed, well some people noticed because I have lost followers (not many but I have to wonder if … [Read More...]

Why My Throat Hurts After a Trip to the Zoo

zoo contemplation

Today, we went to the zoo. I do like going to the zoo expect for the petting zoo. I do not like going to the petting zoo because that is one of the scariest places on earth! There are animals in … [Read More...]


There was a time in my young life, when I was trying to juggle not one but three men (boys). I was young. I had just come into my boy crazy phase. I was a late bloomer. I had to make up for lost … [Read More...]

We Heart Art

I don't really call myself a crafty person. I wouldn't really even call myself creative. But when I began to think about what being creative means, I guess I am. But not in the making crafts or scrap … [Read More...]

What Have You Been Eating?

Looks like she has been eating markers, right? Actually, she was licking a rock that had been colored with markers. I don't know what her fixation is with rocks. If she sees one, she has to have it … [Read More...]

“Tonight is Gonna to be a Big Night”

watching sponge bob

"Mommy. Mommy." Quinn yelled as he ran into the kitchen. "Tonight is gonna to be a big night, right Mommy?" I didn't really hear what he said. I was busy managing three pots on the stove and trying … [Read More...]

I Don’t Really Need a Day at the Spa

So I am hoping that you have watched the video. If not, go. I'll wait...I saw this commercial and I couldn't believe my eyes. I was actually kind of shocked that there was a toy out there like this. … [Read More...]

You Need to Run!

I stood firm. I felt trapped. Davin was between me and the door. I knew that he could easily over take me, physically, but I also knew that he would not lay a hand on me as long as I held the … [Read More...]