Oh, She Is So Not My Daughter

She Loves Frogs

When I found out that I was having triplets, I really wanted them to be all boys. I just felt like it would be easier. Hayden was a boy, my sister had had a boy so we just had a ton of boy stuff. I … [Read More...]

That Healthy Orange Glow

Hot Tanning Bed

About this time of year, I begin to long for it. I get so sick and tired of taking my clothes off and being blinded by white. I just want a little tanish glow. Not much, I don't want to look … [Read More...]

Pre Monster Syndrome

adam and eve and the forbidden fruit

Do you know what? Sometimes I wish that I could go back in time and bitch slap Eve for taking that forbidden fruit from the serpent and giving it to Adam. I was to scream in her face, "Girl, you … [Read More...]

Long Wiikend

I realize the title's already been done, but you try to come up with an original pun on 'Wii'.This was mentioned in Jen's last post, but "Over the weekend, Jeff got a Wii" does not illustrate the … [Read More...]

Yes, There Can be Joy in Making Dinner

dinner making helper

I hate the time of day when I have to figure out what to make for dinner. This time of day always seems to sneak up of me, even though it happens like every day. I am happily going about my day and … [Read More...]

What Do These Things Have In Common?

A pizza sub from my favorite little pizza place, 2, maybe 3 beers, a pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Ghost Whisper?The perfect end to a very crazy, very interesting, very busy day at work. I am … [Read More...]

For the Love of Diego

My kid

This is Jacob. There are many things that Jacob likes to do. Play trucks Wrestle Quinn Get up before dawn Eat candy that Quinn has stolen from the candy draw Read books. But there is one … [Read More...]

What My Children Are Good At

They are good at frustrating me to no end.They are good at making me laugh when I think that all I want to do is cry.They are good at pushing my limits so far that I want to run away and never look … [Read More...]

Who Are You?

When someone says to you, "Tell me about your self?" what do you say? I always have a hard time answering that question. As people, we are very complicated and mysterious so when to sum up who we … [Read More...]

That One Time I Met My Idol

Bloggy Friends

I watched the buildings whiz by outside the car window. Each one was a little different in size and shape but they all had one things in common. They were all flashy and sported neon signs. And I am … [Read More...]