A ‘Scary’ Movie

Last night, I did something very scary. I watched a movie on Lifetime. Now, I have nothing against the movies that are on Lifetime, its just that they are not movies that are normally my cup of … [Read More...]

Writer’s Workshop: Christmas Traditions

This is a very special time of year. There are so many things about it that make it special. I really do love this time of year. Aside from a bit of the bah-hum-bugs and a slow start, it really is one … [Read More...]

Rockin’ Out

Quinn LOVES 'Boom Boom Pow' by the Black Eyed Peas.We get in the car and he shouts, "Boom Boom Pow! Boom Boom Pow!"But I can't blame him for his love of this song because it is great for shakin' your … [Read More...]

Kids Make the Darndest Things: Art Showcase


Welcome to the first even "Kids Make the Darndest Things" post. Before we get to the art let's just review what is going on here.  Kids Make the Darndest Things is my new weekly meme where you can … [Read More...]

It Runs in the Family

This is Jacob. I think that he is trying to grow a horn to become a unicorn. Not really, he just inherited his mom's clumsiness and fell down the stairs and hit the post right on the corner. I am so … [Read More...]

Awesome Achievement Week at Gymco

Every Thursday since March, Hayden has been taking a gym class at Gymco. Today was a special class, where mom and dad could watch and see all the achievements that he has made. It was a lot of fun and … [Read More...]

Need a Night Out but Haven’t Got a Babysitter? No Problem!

Babysitting Himself

As parents, we all need a little break sometimes. Just a couple hours away from the kids to spend time as adults and have adult conversations and remember why we like our spouses. But this can be … [Read More...]

Bathroom Antics, Silly Noises and Other Random Stuff

After church one morning, we took the kids out to breakfast. Rather than eating their pancakes and syrup, the little kids decided to paint themselves with it.Wet wipes were not going to cover it, we … [Read More...]

No More Babies

Mommy and Babies

Sometimes it happens when I am sitting on the couch watching TV. Sometimes it happens when I am driving the car. Sometimes it happens when I am writing a blog post. But each time it happens, … [Read More...]

When I was a Waitress…


To make money when I was a teenager to be able to buy things that a teenager needs like New Kids on the Block CD's, scrunchies and lip gloss, I waited tables at a local restaurant. I have this job … [Read More...]